The advent of the internet has certainly not only made our lives easier to live, but has also brought us many ways to keep boredom at bay. In addition to giving us access to tons of useful information, it also allows us to keep up with traditions but with new twists to it. An example of this would be how new parents keep track of their children’s growth and development, as well as how to preserve those wonderful moments and memories they experienced when their baby was growing up.

While there are some parents who still prefer to keep ornately decorated baby books, chock full of little souvenirs like locks from baby’s first haircut or pictures captioned with funny quotes, most parents these days have discovered the joys of logging on to parenting blogs. These blogs are as easy to read as they are easy to start…all that’s needed is a little computer savvy and a whole lot of knowledge about parenting.

The popularity of parenting blogs is credited to the fact that stay-at-home moms need a lot of interaction with other people, particularly other moms who share the same struggles and disasters of caring for their newborns and toddlers. New moms who want to learn more about having a baby find solace in the fact that there are other new moms out there who’ve experienced middle-of-the-night meltdowns and have momentarily entertained thoughts of putting up the baby for adoption when they start on a non-stop crying jag. They find joy as well in stories about how they have successfully gotten their baby to feed from a bottle and settle down for a good night’s sleep without interruptions. These blogs also encourage a mom’s record-keeping tendencies – pictures are easily uploaded and shared with friends and family, as well as the latest stories about how baby took his first steps or had his first run in with the family dog. With blogs being easily customizable, you can choose to make your blogs interactive by allowing other people to comment on your posts. This is also a great place to dish about having a toddler and the misadventures you had during your latest shopping trip at the mall.

The most important and perhaps, most meaningful advantages of reading and keeping parenting blogs is the fact that you get to meet new friends and have a little time for yourself each day. You learn new ways to pass the time or add to your already extensive parenting knowledge via tips and advice from other parents who leave comments on your blog or on the blogs you follow. You also get much needed emotional support or great pick-me-ups because these people understand what you’re going through, having gone through the same things themselves. When you read sites like, not only do you get to read other insights and perspective on parenting, you also get entertained with funny stories and anecdotes that make you forget your problems in a jiffy.

Being a mom means almost always means giving up “me time” but reading and writing parenting blogs gives you that little time to yourself, a time when you can simply relax, write and release any bad feelings you are experiencing at the moment. In the same light, reading about other moms' equally happy-horrific moments makes you feel better because you know you’re not alone and that someone out there in the world, like you, is having the greatest time raising their child.

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