As the rent of the stores in commercial areas is getting higher and higher, the cost of opening one in commercial centers is also increasing. In the meantime, traditional clothing stores have to initiate all sorts of promotional activities to attract consumers in order to survive in the competitive market. Facing this situation, many people start to consider opening their online clothing business in order to lower the cost and increase the profit. The advantages of opening online clothing business are listed as follows:

First, the owner could significantly lower the cost without paying any rent. This amount of money could be used to decorate the online clothing store and make it more attractive. The owner does not need to hire assistants or employees to watch the store and what the owner has to do is to check if there are any orders. Besides, online store does not generate cost like water fees and management fees Unlike the owner of traditional store who has to give up his or her personal life by living in the store in order to ensure the normal running of the business, online clothing business owner could manage the online store well while enjoying a cozy life.

Second, online clothing store operates more flexibly. The owner could work both fulltime and part-time. For housewife who attempts to achieve financial independence, online store is a great idea because it enables her to earn money and in the same time take care of the family.The owner could ensure the normal running of the store as long as he or she responds to the inquiries of the consumers in time. Online store does not need to go through a series of complicated registration procedures and the store owner does not even need a large amount of stock to open the store.

Third, online clothing store will not be restricted by elements like store location or store opening hours. As long as the server is working, the store could run twenty four hours a day and 365 days a year. Traditional stores usually run eight to twelve hours a day and are more likely to expose to unstable influences like bad weather and emergencies.

Fourth, online clothing store faces a much larger number of potential consumers than traditional clothing store. As long as a person uses internet, he or she could be a potential buyer. The sales performance of the store could increase dramatically as long as the store is running legally and the price of the products in the store is reasonable.

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