Marble as a building material has been very popular for hundreds of years, and there are also a lot of pieces of art made from it. It is attractive, elegant, and timeless and adds a sense of luxury to whatever room you use it in. That is why a lot of people like marble countertops Bayville for their bathrooms. As well as being aesthetically so lovely there are other good reasons behind having this material for your countertop so here is a closer look.

Marble countertops are heat resistant

One of the qualities you will want in practical bathroom marble countertops wall NJ is to be heat resistant. There are a lot of items people use in the bathroom that generate heat and that are often laid down on top of countertops while still hot. Hairdryers, hair tongs, curling iron, straighteners and such. On certain types of countertops that will cause damage. Marble should be treated with a special coating and then it is heat resistant. Where you might have a need for placing a towel beneath such things in certain cases, marble can withstand heat as long as they are not left directly for a long period of time.

Easy to clean

Another reason to opt for marble countertops Brick Township NJ is that they are quite easy to clean. While some things like glass look great it takes regular effort to keep it clean and shiny. Marble just needs a wipe down, it is best to clean up spills when they happen, but there is not a lot of heavy scrubbing or polishing. Just use a sponge or soft cloth so it does not damage the marble. As long as it has its protective coating it does not stain easily, but darker marble is a good idea if you are worried or are messy with things like makeup out and spilling over. Consider using trays to keep your toiletries and makeup on to limit them from coming in direct contact with the marble just as a way to keep them organized and another layer of care for the marble.

The only thing you will need to remember is to have that marble recoated regularly, some need to do it every 6 months, some every 12 months, it depends on how hard the bathroom is used. It is something you can do yourself, but to make sure the job is done properly you can just find a professional to handle it. The people you used to install your marble countertops Manahawkin are likely offering resealing services.


With marble bathroom countertops you are getting a lovely natural stone that is elegant and beautiful. It is a great choice when you want something unique, special and one of a kind. The pattern in marble is never exactly the same. You can get different colors and shades so whatever decor you have in the bathroom, there is a marble countertop that will fit right in and look great.


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