Greek yogurt is not only a fad; it is a dairy product different from sweeter, regular yogurt. It has seen an increase in its production in the last few years. The Greek yogurt manufacturers add an extra step in processing so that the excess lactose, minerals, and water drain out. What is left behind is a creamy, less sugary rich yogurt. The acidity adds to the process of absorption of this beneficial ingredient in your body. It is a nutrient-packed snack that has various health benefits.


Arash Hadipour Niktarash explains why to include Greek yogurt in your diet


As stated earlier, it is a nutrient-packed snack that is filled with nutrients and vitamins and has vast benefits when served regularly. You can have twelve to seventeen grams of protein every day. A cup of plain Greek yogurt may help you in meeting the recommended dietary guidelines, says Arash Hadipour Niktarash. People suffering from lactose intolerance may not face any difficulty in digesting Greek yogurt. It is because of the bacterial breakdown of the sugar.


The benefits of protein in Greek yogurt


As compared to milk, Greek yogurt has a higher percentage of protein. The human body requires protein for the following development


  • Bones
  • Skin
  • Cartilage
  • Muscles
  • Hair
  • Blood


Protein is a primary source of energy, which transfers substances like oxygen across the cell membrane. When you get the right percentage of protein, it takes care of the immune system, fluid balance, and nerves. You require protein for maintaining muscle mass, and its range differs from age to age. For vegetarians, Greek yogurt is a commendable source of protein. You can add two tablespoons of chia seeds with Greek yogurt, and it will give a boost to your protein level. It is anti-inflammatory and has benefits for hair, skin, and muscles.


The role of probiotics in Greek yogurt in keeping you healthy


Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that can assist in boosting your immune system and decrease stomach problems. It is a source of relief in case of pain and diarrhea. Moreover, it helps in reducing the stress level and gives balance to your emotions. Studies have revealed that probiotics affect the brain, which thereby takes care of the mental balance. Studies also suggest that probiotic supplements help in reducing the tendency for imbalanced thought and distress.


The texture of Greek yogurt makes it a food substitute


As stated earlier, Greek yogurt has various health benefits and is a satisfactory substitute for protein among vegetarians. The thick consistency of Greek yogurt tastes good. You can use it in chia seed pudding, popsicles, and smoothies. Depending on your taste, you can infuse Greek yogurt into your diet.


Greek yogurt is a popup topping on varied food items. People enjoy substituting mayonnaise and butter with Greek yogurt. The product is available both online and offline. However, while buying the ingredients, pay attention to the thickness, color, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, and pectin. The best quality yogurt is unsweetened, plain, low fat, and has the least additives. You can add granola and fresh berries for sweetening the yogurt.



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