A tablecloth is a very important linen item in a house, hotel or bed and breakfast and it wears a lot during its useful life. Your tablecloth will receive all kinds of crumbs and stains from various foods and will be subject to hundreds of washes. That is why it is important to choose a high quality, strong and durable fabric that resists the passage of time.

One of the best tablecloth fabrics is spun polyester. This fabric has a number of advantages when used for tablecloths and offers very good value. It was actually invented in the 1970s by Johnson Industries, a company that was trying to develop it for use on ship decks. Eventually they came up with a lightweight fabric that was soft and tactile but durable that they realized would be perfect for tablecloths. They abandoned the development of their ship deck and started producing tablecloths.

These are some of the reasons why this fabric is so advantageous for use on tablecloths:

Used as polyester but feels like cotton
Polyester is a very durable and long-lasting synthetic fabric, but the only downside to using it is that it feels fake and synthetic and not very luxurious. It does not have the same smoothness and can give a somewhat "cheap" impression. However, spun polyester actually feels like cotton. The material handles like cotton, folds like cotton, and is even absorbed like cotton.

Whether you run a hotel or a bed and breakfast, the feel of the fabric is important because your tablecloth and napkins come in contact with the hands and faces of your guests. The better the fabric feels, the more luxurious your experience will be.

Can be washed over and over
While many other fabrics begin to show wear with repeated washings, spun polyester is extremely durable even when washed very frequently. Tests on this fabric have shown that it can withstand more than three hundred washes. When you wash cotton over and over again, it will fade, but with the spun polyester, the fabric will not fade and even become softer.


It is wrinkle resistant
Ironing table linens to make sure they look crisp and smooth can be a huge task that takes a lot of time and effort, especially if table linens are worn frequently. When using high-quality spun polyester fabric for your tablecloths, you won't have to worry about ironing as this fabric is wrinkle resistant. This will save you a lot of time and work and will ensure that your tablecloth always looks smooth and elegant.

These are just some of the reasons why spun polyester is such an advantageous fabric for tablecloths. If you are looking to invest in high quality tablecloths for your hotel, bed and breakfast or your home, they are an excellent option.

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