You’re in this for the long haul-MARRIAGE. Some people are afraid of it, some can’t wait for it. Others never even consider it. Marriage is one of the greatest decisions we make in our lifetime. A decision which means we are ready to face and tackle situations bigger than ourselves.

Being emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically ready is a must if you are decided in walking the aisle. Having a positive perspective and considering the larger picture and thinking ahead are one of the basics of marriage. In marriage, your responsibility is so magnanimous, a lot of things depends on you.

That is why love is one of the essentials of entering this sacred vow-it makes everything beautiful no matter how heavy and demanding matters get. But there’s a catch- no matter how much you love, respect and adore each other it will never ever count unless you show it to your partner.

That is why everything boils down to communication. It’s not easy as it seems. Communication requires honesty, vulnerability and compromise. You should learn to let your guard down and let go of your own issues. Scary if you think of about it but would you rather prioritize your own fears and issues to the betterment of your relationship? Power play in marriage is like oil in water- its a poison mixture.

A hug, a kiss before leaving for work, simple things that makes you feel you really belong. All of these are forms of communication of affection. Listening is also important, not just ordinary listening but really listening- paying attention. When you listen, focus on the message your partner needs to convey not you own insecurities.

Communication in marriage is opening your soul, your whole being and not losing it, instead it should make you grow as a person. Consider communication as the blood supply of your marriage-it is the one carrying the love and respect and other essential nutrients to make the whole relationship function properly.

Yes, there will be glitches but as long as the blood keeps on circulating- it will be okay. Trust will not exist in marriage if there is no communication. And having no trust in a relationship is like living inside an invisible cage- hell on earth. Once communication is settled and trust is established, one factor that marriage is based upon is having a strong foundation.

Strong foundation depends upon your beliefs, your values, your morals and how much are you willing to compromise. This is quite critical because this is where your marriage is based upon. Couples who have different views in this aspect doesn’t very last long. Unless they compromise, meet halfway and work through it on the process.

Other significant matter the every marriages cannot live without is of course- total honesty, full understanding and sincere forgiveness. All these should be practiced with each other and also to once self. You can never be honest, if there is no honesty within. There is no understanding, if you yourself is confused.

And it is impossible to forgive others, if you cannot forgive yourself. It goes without saying that you should learn to take care of yourself before you decide to take care of others. Aside from loving, trusting and understanding each other, by all means be friends- establish friendship with each other because no matter how difficult and tedious things get, it will be fun when your doing it with a friend.

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