There are a number of concepts that have been described by theta healing but their governing concept is of the seven planes of existence. This is a central way of unfolding this whole globe and it is well known that it helps people who are concerned to know the spiritual and physical features of world.

The 1st plane of existence is Mother Earth Power and its examples include Earth crystals minerals and rocks. Different mineral supplements like magnesium and calcium that are offered from this plane are recognized for supporting the physical bodies/structure. Water is also present on the first 3 planes and worked on it is actually charged from the electrons that are created at sixth plane. There are 6 planes of existence other than Earth and are précised for one or more things.

The 2nd plane of existence has organic matter such as fungus, yeast, mold, bacteria, viruses, vitamins, trees, herbs, and plants. It has been known that a blessed dance is formed between plant beings and air/earth spirits for the connection between 1st and 3rd planes of existence. Water is also known to resonate at this plane similar to the first one.

The 3rd plane of existence is mainly an illusion and a playground with a purpose of passion, creative thought forms, and emotions. Fear is only one thing that allows us to think that we are connected to it. When we alter our presented beliefs, we quickly swing through all planes more freely, and then we are no longer link by the Karma. Animals are also known to exist on this plane.

The 4th plane of existence includes shape shifters, totems, and many other ancestors’ spirits. Those people who persistently work on this plane are known as Shamans. This plane is well known for the reincarnation. Language in also known to originate from this plane of existence and is used by the inhabitants of 3rd plane. Many preventive beliefs are also come from this plane.
The 5th plane of existence is plane of dread and love. It is mainly the plane where there is always a clash of evil and good. It is an empire where you can find high energies at “upper spectrum” such as Goddesses, God, Legions of Angels, Christ, Guides, Buddha, Yahweh, Jehovah, divine father and mother, Guardian Angels, along with demons, Fallen Angls, and nephilum at the “lower spectrum”.
The 6th plane of existence includes Laws of Creation which balance and regulate the fabric of accountability and Creation pure Truth. There are a number of laws and some of them include Sound, Time, Karma, Light, Gravity, Balance, Electricity, and Magnetics. You can also found awareness and formation of numbers on this plane that are expressed as symbols and patterns. The 7th and last plane of existence has The Creator, ALL of Creation, All-That-Is who has created all the other six planes. It is tapped as Pure Love and Highest Truth. These planes helped us in our collective evolution and instantaneous healings at all the time.

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