When it comes to holidaying with family or alone, naturally, some plush destination pops up in your mind. The Dark Horse of the realm, Asia has some of the most exotic locales, beaches, and scrumptious food for you. However, not many of us plan for a vacation in the Asian Islands, but these islands are going to change your mind in split seconds. The air of silence touching the leaves of Pine trees, waves making the gushing sounds that send chills down your spine, and the underwater life are here to take your imagination on a journey that knows no limits.

1. Pom Pom Islands, Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most loved holiday destinations in Asia. With so much to enjoy here, it would be a huge miss if you do not visit Pom Pom Islands here. Geographically located in the eastern coast of Malaysia, this island is a part of an archipelago with plenty of sleepy resorts. People love how modernity sheds its skin and comes back to its old life of tranquility here. Nature’s best treat, Pom Pom Island has beautiful turquoise waters that are encircled by coral reefs and a variety of fish species. The two rare species are giant green and hawksbill marine turtles. The flora and gorgeous fauna makes this island a traveler’s delight.

High Point

· Tun Sakaran Marine Park close to the island

2. Cát Bà Island, Vietnam

Right in the heart of the Cát Bà National Park is the Cát Bà Island, which is also the largest and most famous island in the park. The most happening thing about the island is that apart from the sea and the underwater life, you will get to see the town life, experience boat rides and voyage through the dense woods. If you are in search of retreats for couples, then head on to the karaoke bars with the love of your life. If the night life is for a typical weekender outings then enjoy the day light by trekking and enjoying the incredible beauty of the famous karst scenery located in the Cát Bà National Park.

High Point:

· The Asian island gives the most mesmerizing view of the sunset. Don’t miss it

3. El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is no less than a paradise on Earth. The untouched white sand beaches and the turquoise waters offer an optimal surfing experience. Visiting this beautiful island as a couple or with family will be a kaleidoscopic experience. Be it about the Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls or a brief tour of Balay Cuyonon, or traditional Cuyonese to douse in the perfect village life, everything about El Nido is mesmerizing. After a long day of sightseeing, you can back to a cozy nest in the specially built Cliffside Cottages that overlooks the steep hills and offers delicious meals.

High Point:

· Don’t forget to explore the lagoons, coves and caves

4. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Thailand is one affordable vacation destination that has everything - food, people, nightlife, and culture. Phi Phi Islands is blessed with beautiful marine life and you will have a chance to see leopard sharks and colorful coral reefs. If you are searching for an Island destination in Asia that gives you a perfect blend of sandy beaches, warm climate, and a beautiful view of the Andaman Sea then Phi Phi is your deal. What else is here? Well, right after you enjoy the stretch of the islands, you can take a long tail boat ride to Maya Bay. What is a holiday without good food? Two famous restaurants are Pad Thai and Papaya. Come to taste the authentic Thai food.

High Point:

· Visit Monkey Beach and become friends with a monkey

5. Koh Rong, Cambodia

This treasure of Southern Cambodia is where you will find the precious white sand, jungles, and no crowd. This is a rarity in Cambodia. Koh Rong has a peaceful coastline that will offer you the chance to spend some time seeing the sunsets, roam in the woods, and a chance to see the phosphorescent plankton under the moon light. Most parts of the dense woods here are mystic and unexplored but you can trek through the pebbled pathways and bushy terrains, and unravel the fauna as well. For the taste buds, you have a noodle eat-out that serves vegan versions of the dishes as well.

High Point:

· High Point Rope Park, Sihanoukvilla Cambodia

6. Akajima, Japan

The land of the rising sun, Japan is one country that represents a perfect combination of urbanization and natural beauty. There is something about this country that pulls you in. if you are looking for an Asian Island that gives you all then go for Akajima. Often referred to as ‘Aka’, this beautiful Island is a subset of the Okinawa’s Kerama Islands in Japan. The beaches here are enigmatic and perfect for you to surf, snorkel, and kayak along the waves of the clean water. If this is not enough, then be a little more adventurous and explore the rich tropical sea life.

High Point:

· Wildlife at Akajima

7. Baros Island, Maldives

Maldives is surely a destination for couple retreats or a perfect Honeymoon spot. Probably the most affordable vacation spot as well. Baros Island is one beautiful small part of North Malé Atoll and houses a gamut of luxury hotels for travelers, with one being Baros Maldives hotel, the famous one. The beaches, clear blue sky and blue oceanic water makes for a scenic view that looks no less than a living painting. There are luxury services offered along the sea side in hotels, such as Spa, Jacuzzi, and natural herbal treatments. Looking for relaxing retreats for couples? Come to Maldives.

High Point:

· Yoga classes every morning on the beaches

Summers are here so, gear up and plan a vacation to these beautiful Asian Islands.

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