Only dog-owners know the true joy our little fur babies bring us. Offering unconditional love, compassion, tails wag, and wet kisses, they’re nothing less than family. Treasure every moment you spend with your special one. Interactive activities won’t only be a stress reliever for you but will also help strengthen your bond with them. Whether you’re just cuddling with them or singing songs in the kitchen while cooking up a treat, your four-legged friend will never leave your side, which makes them the most special pets ever!

Here are some fun activities that will surely get their tails wagging:

1.Dress Them Up For Occasions

Dogs are like babies, so why should they be treated any differently? Celebrate all occasions, festivals, and holidays by dressing up your little pooch with a fun outfit. Not only do they look super-duper adorable, but if you’re lucky, they’ll also strike a pose for some pictures! Now that Halloween is around the corner, start hunting for a pumpkin outfit or something in an orange hue. You can step the game up a notch by getting a matching outfit for yourself as well! I mean, who wouldn’t want to see dog-mom and their fur baby twin? You’ll find tons of costumes online, or even at your pet store nearby! From dino to batman, lion, police officer, and much more, the options are truly irresistible.

2.Teach Them a New Trick

Teaching tricks don’t have to seem like a school lesson. You train your dog in a friendly manner by constantly talking to them in a happy, positive tone and using reassuring phrases like “good boy”! Take a small ball and throw it around the park for them to fetch. They won’t necessarily get the idea in one go, which is why you might have to do it a couple of times. However, once they do, be prepared for a solid competition! Dogs are the perfect play-partners and ensure to always keep you on your feet!

3.Take a Walk on the Beach

Is there anything more relaxing than taking a long, peaceful walk on the beach with the beautiful horizon in view? I think not! The beach is one of the best places to spend quality time with your furry friend while enjoying a stress-free day out. There’s plenty of dog-friendly beaches around, so you might come across other dog owners with their pups as well. Let them roll in the sand, take a dip in the cool water or just enjoy some treats under the umbrella; a beach is a place that will surely make them love you even more!

4.Go Shopping Together

With more and more American households adopting dogs, you’ll be surprised to know that many commercial centers are now dog-friendly. Yes, that’s right; your fur-bestie will now be your ultimate shopping partner! Make sure to check the sign outside before entering a store, or check online before driving your way there. Dogs radiate positivity and love, which is just the kind of energy you need while shopping. Although they might not help you choose between options, their presence itself will make the trip worthwhile. Be sure to carry some treats and water in case they get hungry or thirsty along the way.

5.Plan a Doggy Spa Day

You’re not the only one who can enjoy a spa day occasionally; your furry baby can too! There are several animal massage parlors around that offer a wide range of services to pamper your pup. From pedicure to trims and even massages, they do it all! Schedule an appointment to give your little pooch that much-deserved break after a day of playing around and giving so much love.

6.Have Fun by the Pool

Did you know that dogs are natural swimmers? Yes, they do the “doggy paddle”! If you have a dog-friendly pool nearby, take your dog there to show off its skills. The splish, splash, jumps, and cool water will be a great adventure for them, and something they’ll surely look forward to! You can even purchase an inflatable pool online, and let your pupper enjoy in your yard. Be sure to get your camera out, because the view is going to Instagram worthy!

7.Join a Dog Lovers’ Community

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The author is a certified dog behaviorist. He’s an active member of theDogHood, an online community for dog lovers and dog gurus to get support resources for dog training and socialization.