The fashion industry seems to obsess over tall, skinny women – but the physique of most girls is quite variable from what is depicted in fashion magazines. Thus, one can unintentionally make lethal faux pas if they try to imitate these models' clothing styles. Whether you have a plus-sized, petite or hourglass-shaped figure, the following fashion styles will complement your small frame, if carried out confidently.

Crop Tops and Spaghetti Straps

To increase the height, your outfit must create an illusion of longer legs. Thus, wearing crop tops that do not particularly expose the midriff can make the torso appear small. Picking monochromatic colors helps create a more structured look. Avoid tops with long sleeves, for they can make the upper limbs look stouter. On the contrary, spaghetti straps highlight the length of your arms – especially if you have a petite frame. Spaghetti tops that are not necessarily body-fitted, but have lacy and sequined embellishments make for the perfect casual, party look. You can also look for Spaghetti straps when buying a sexy black romper.

Skater and Wrap Dresses

Picking dresses that cinch at your waistline, helps accentuate it. Wrap dresses should be every short woman's wardrobe staple. Pairing these up with belts and high heels will make you look taller. Again, monochrome dresses with plunging necklines can highlight the torso, in short, skinny women. Skater dresses look flattering on short women with an hourglass or pear-shaped figure. Unlike taller women, women with smaller statures can easily carry dresses with hemlines that reach the mid-thigh – without looking too revealing.

Vertical Strips

Horizontal stripes should be an absolute no-go area for they tend to stump your height and make you look wider. Whether you are choosing a button-up shirt, patterned jumpsuit or a one-piece suit, always pick vertical stripes – these lengthen your silhouette and make you look longer. Again, picking shorter suits, and tucking in your striped shirt will give a more balanced, taller frame.

Pencil and Flared Skirts

Yet again, clenching the waist is a key factor in making a short girl look taller – abiding by the rule of thirds that forbids you from splitting your body into halves through proper styling. Pencil and flared skirts crop your body above the waistline for the ideal ratio that makes your legs look taller. Pencil skirts are great for professional settings – especially if you pick more neutral, darker tones. Whereas, flared skirts with floral patterns look appealing in the summer and are preferred by most short women with triangle and hour-glass figure.

High-waisted Shorts and Jeans with Darker Tones

Pairing up ruffled cropped or spaghetti tops with high-waisted jeans can make your small stature look toned and longer. The look has been highly popularized by numerous celebrities and fashion influencers – for it works as everyday casual wear while looking effortless, yet edgy. Conveniently cover your problem areas by wearing body-shaping jeans with a high waist and high rise. Pick darker washes without whiskers so that your pelvic region looks longer. Similarly, high waisted shorts that are in darker tones draw more attention to your legs – make sure that you pair these up with boots of the appropriate length for that oomph factor.

Fitted Bodysuits and Flared Blazers

When it comes to buying bodysuits, you must be careful about over-layering for that can make your frame look smaller. Choose bodysuits that are monochromatic and tailored to perfection. Darker tones like charcoal, navy blue and brown are preferred in most professional settings. Make sure the hems are not untidy and hanging too low – the perfect fit should accentuate the length of your legs. Pair it up with heeled pumps for a clean look. Flared blazers that are fitted and hang just above the waist look perfect in formal settings – choose complimenting colors and tucked in shirts with them. Be wary of extravagant cuts and horizontal patterns that tend to give a boxier appearance.

Bottom line is that not everyone has a naturally impressive sense of fashion, but blindly follow trends and styles that look good on fashion models can inevitably lead to social suicide. Take the above advice and incorporate these styles in your wardrobe, you will not only feel more confident in your skin but will also receive compliments throughout the day!

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