Bob’s Perceptual Style is Methods. He perceives the world in a rational, matter-of-fact manner and sees a world that is sensible, logical, and factual. Things are what they are. His great strength is determining objectives and establishing a course of action that systematically leads to the desired result. He sees a world of things to be done, projects to be carried out, responsibilities to master, and tasks to perform all of which require solid, well-structured plans.

Bob follows an ordered set of steps that when performed in a repeatable, logical sequence, inevitably end with the achievement of his objectives. He knows that even the most complex task can always be broken down into a sequence of simple steps. Each step leads forward to the next one, one step at a time, until the job is done. For Bob, there is a correct method by which each problem, undertaking, or objective can be best handled. Acting any other way just makes things harder than they need to be. Discovering and applying this method is what drives him. The art lies in identifying the steps and planning the correct sequence.

When given the time to prepare and thoroughly gather new information and new perspectives, Bob is open to change that is logically and rationally implemented. But he doesn’t care for surprises because the unexpected requires new planning and analysis rather than quick reactions and spontaneity and good planning and analysis take time. When people need to get something done, Bob is the one they turn to because of his expertise and because he cares deeply that things are done well. He finishes what he starts, persevering because he knows that good plans produce results if the plan is followed to the end.

Bob is plan rather than goal oriented. Once the desired result has been determined he does not question it. Instead, he seeks to find the steps that will produce the desired outcome with the most efficient use of time, money, and energy. He succeeds by following a plan and applying the proper rules for the situation at hand, and he always knows what the rules are because knowing them allows him to act skillfully. Rules and roles are tools for behaving properly and proper behavior is the key to executing a plan. He believes that failure of a solution is due to human error in the application of a correctly designed course of action.

Bob believes that the facts, when properly presented will speak for themselves, and he sees no point in adding opinions, judgments, reactions, or feelings. He uses a rational application of facts to make decisions and solve problems, and he is confident that through this method he will arrive at the correct conclusion. He strives to be objective and fair, to act as an expert who understands and presents the facts and logic of a situation.

Bob uses language to describe rather than to embellish, persuade, connect or interact. He describes what he sees simply, logically, and clearly. He is a good listener who hears what people say accurately, but he doesn’t read subtle cues that could tell him how people are feeling about what they are saying, or read between the lines for hidden meaning. He observes people carefully, arranges his observations logically, plans, and then acts deliberately and skillfully on his conclusions. He takes people at face value. He says what he means, means what he says, and expects others to do the same. He knows that emotions get in the way of logic and rationality, so he doesn’t talk much about his feelings, nor does he show them strongly. He avoids becoming overly involved with people outside of his closest friends or family on a personal or emotional level, and views both as distractions from the objectivity necessary to function effectively.

Bob loves situations that demand thoroughness, follow through, and completion. Taking on a task, organizing it, implementing it, and bringing it to completion deeply satisfy him. He prefers settings where he understands his role, where he can act on clear and structured expectations, and where he knows what he is doing and what the rules are. He believes the world to be straight-forward and uncomplicated. Those aspects of the world that appear complex or mysterious are merely unanalyzed simplicity or rationality.

Bob’s ability to see structure and impose order allows him to help others function in the face of chaos and uncertainty, and he is matter-of-fact and consistent in high-pressure environments. He doesn’t get involved in political maneuvering or intrigues and others rely on him to move debate and discussion away from personal or political directions and towards concrete issues and agreement on the facts. His respect for facts and logic gives him integrity and expertise in the eyes of others.

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