Whether you play recreational or professional tennis, fitness is vital to craft a great game. To take your game to the next level, you need to improve your tennis fitness. However, tennis fitness is a broad term, which includes numerous physical parameters. A good player needs to have an understanding of these parameters to achieve the right level of fitness for tennis.

The 6 Essential Components of Tennis Fitness

If you want to be a player, here are the main components of tennis fitness that you can’t do without:

1.     Aerobic Fitness for Tennis: This is what determines a player’s ability to sustain their effort level through out a match. Aerobic fitness increases a player’s endurance. A match could go on for a couple of hours or more. Aerobic fitness for tennis ensures that the player has the ability to sustain prolonged efforts and does not fatigue easily.

2.     Flexibility: This is the range of motion around a joint and is an important determinant of a tennis player’s agility on court. Have you ever seen Kim Clijsters do the splits while getting to a ball? Then you know the importance of focusing on flexibiltiy in your tennis fitness training… enough said. Flexibility can be enhanced through stretching exercises.

3.     Strength: This in itself has various components like muscular endurance and explosive power. Muscular endurance ensures that a player is able to sustain the ability to generate power throughout the whole tennis match.

4.     Speed: This is extremely important to ensure that the tennis player gets to the ball in time. Quick footwork is a major part of tennis fitness.

5.     Body Fat: Excess body fat negatively impacts a player’s flexibility and ability to move around the court. Moreover, excess body fat results in the player feeling fatigue earlier in the match.

6.     Agility: This is what enables a tennis player to change direction very quickly.

If you focus on your Tennis fitness training, you’ll find yourself in the right spot to hit the ball and more easily recovering to be able to cover the next shot.

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