Tapping the Potential of Latest Technologies for Business Growth

As an entrepreneur, one should always have belief that technology can transform the world much faster than even one can think. One of the most important qualities an entrepreneur should possess is the ability to recognize the potential of technology. Entrepreneurs should also inspire their teammatesfor utilizing technology efficiently.One can improve the quality of the solutions by utilizing latest technologies available. By utilizing technologies most resourcefully, lot of innovations can be made possible.

It is essential for business leaders in technology to think differently and always be able to question the status quo and existing processes or prevalent solutions. Business leader in technology has to be a part of the solution to the challenges in the world that can be solved with the utilization of technology. This is the place where business leaders in technology can make the greatest of contribution.

The continuously risingdemands of the people for incorporating latest technologies in the solutions to improve the output through them makes it essential for business leaders to be more up to date about technologies and their potential. It is a job of a leader to think innovatively to set the right direction and strategy to tap the potential of available technologies.

The combination of great technological resourcefulness and capable human resources help business leaders to drive the success of their organization and of the industry. Business leader in technology has to be smart at both technological as well as people. One needs to tap the potential of both sides to be most efficient and influential business leader in technology.

Technology, if utilized most appropriately by the people who have moral and ethical integrity, has the capacity to make a tangible difference in the society. Technology makes things better and great business leaders make their people better. So, when the businesses have the combination of great things as well as the most resourceful people, it leads to solving a lot of challenges in the industry with expertise at many levels.

A lot of technological innovations that happen in the industry are because of the contribution of the business leaders in technology. Business leaders in technology with their sharpness, inventiveness, vigilance, and competence can tap the potential of those technologies to make their ideas a reality.

In this edition of “The 50 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech,” we are presenting most clever business leaders in tech that are making difference by utilizing technology creatively along with their leadership abilities.

Featuring as the cover of this edition is Amy Schoemehl. She is the Chief Operating Officer at E. A. Renfroe & Company which provides a full range of catastrophe support services to insurance companies, self-insured corporations and governmental entities during times of disaster. Amy believes that leaders are in a constant and ever-changing evolution of learning, living, and role modelling behaviours. She herself works tirelessly and genuinely cares about the people she works with to reach consistency in her approach.

Delve into more such stories of influential leaders in tech. While flipping the pages, don’t forget to check the CXO standpoints and insightful article written by our in-house editorial team.

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