Top Tech Trends in the Cyber Security Space
The cyber security space has observed a tremendous growth worldwide. With the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for cyber security services and solutions have skyrocketed given it has become the need of the hour today. As every organization during the lockdown period was made compulsory to push its employees to work from home, cyber security emerged as one of the crucial elements to consider in order to stay safe from data theft and hacking.
To safeguard against the threats that have gone digital as well along with the business processes, advanced cyber security solutions have come out as the only reliable option. It has been established that various business process has adapted digitization and so their exposure to various cybercrimes have increased a lot as a result. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that cyber security is going to play a crucial role in the coming days, even after the pandemic is over. With great prospectus ahead, the cyber security space globally has observed some great innovations taking place. Innovation in this space is proving to be the building blocks for what the next generation of cyber security solutions would look like. When we talk about innovation, we just not mean the new ideas in the cyber security solutions, technological adaptations in the industry also plays a crucial role. Let us take a look at the trending technological advancements that are on its way to revolutionize the cyber security space dynamically:
1. 5G – It is predicted that 5G is going to enhance connectivity and security risks both. The increased adoption of global promotion of 5G technology is going to push businesses in undertaking unsecured infrastructure to keep up with its dynamics. This will result in businesses relying on under-skilled labour to protect it which could trigger various major 5G oriented security threat incidents. The data converging through 5G networks could be like browsing on social media platforms. Harmless, right? One might think so! Yet, it could also mean or contain sensitive information and even critical busines analytics that can be traced and even harnessed unethically. It would not be wrong to say that securing huge amount of continuous information transfers will need substantial efforts in safeguarding large quantity of data flow. 5G is great from a user’s perspective. It dilutes the fact that many people would be able to access huge files across global wireless networks in more areas with low latency and less performance impact.
2. Real-time Detection – It helps in tackling new security threats. Outpacing legacy systems, detection-centric cybersecurity solutions are on the way of becoming new norms and replace traditional security processes with detection-focused tools powered by automated remediation technologies. In detection technology, things that are driving an evolution are emerging threats and a shared security responsibility between cloud service providers and businesses. Cloud service providers are responsible for securing on-premises infrastructure, networking, computing, and other necessities that assists the cloud. On the other hand, customers need to secure everything in the cloud. New threats are introducing investment into detection technologies. Advancements prevailing in social engineering and malware due to machine learning makes it very hard to determine threats as and when they are delivered which complicates the maintenance of threat data as it is continuously evolving. Fortunately, new solutions are coming up to tackle these new challenges and threats. These solutions prioritize visibility, automation, and orchestration to immediately identify and organize the resolution of attacks as they emerge in real time.
3. Unified Cloud Security Platforms – These platforms are enabling a multi-cloud future. All modern businesses are derived virtually and depended on multi-cloud environments. It is said that the virtual business models and their security will move from a management-focused operational focus to factors relying on unified visibility and automation across their concerned clouds. This particular shared responsibility of security adds a necessity for visibility and detection. Companies are observing an increasing need to consolidate cloud management as they operate hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Unified management and enhanced visibility allow companies to visualize configurations across clouds and networks. This surmounts to easy identification and remediate misconfigurations of networks before they create a ruckus.
The cybersecurity space is one of the most continuously discussed and evolving areas in the technology domain. As the protectors of a business, security personnel must comprehensively update their security tools and processes to remain upfront with the threat factors. As organizations welcome the digital transformation and adapt to a globally interconnected world, security must stay a priority.
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