Are you are ready to reopen your office after this severe COVID-19 epidemic? If yes, then it’s time to be very careful about the safety of yourself and your employees. You cannot run your company like before. You must follow the new normal along with the other guidelines released by the medical authorities.

We know it’s difficult to implement COVID-19 rules and precautions in your office and amongst so many employees. But, it’s something you cannot ignore. We don’t want you to stand like a guard and personally keep an eye on the activities’ of your employees. You only need to take the right step and everything will be in the right place. And one amongst them is installing COVID-19 safety signs in your office premises. These signs are more than enough to alerts your employees and take necessary precautions.

Here, we have listed the 5 major COVID-19 safety signs that you should include in your workplace.

Sign 1#

Temperature Check
If you are checking the temperature of the visitors before entering your office, this sign is the must near your entrance or the checkpoints to inform the people. If the sign is not placed in the right place, people will enter casually and increase the chances of infection in your premises. Also, you wouldn’t be aware of the people who might have coronavirus.

Sign 2#

Social distancing
A COVID-19 safety sign directing the people to keep a distance of 2 meters will help in maintaining social distancing in your office. If placed in the corridor or hallway, people will move as directed and help people maintain a safe distance. With less contact, the chances of infection will be less.

Sign 3#

Proper handwashing
The basic and the most effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection is proper handwashing. It’s easy to reduce the exposure to coronavirus if your employees regularly wash their hands. And this sign will direct them to do so. Place the handwashing sign near the washing units.

Sign 4#

Maximum Capacity
If you wish to implement the policies that limit the number of people in one place at one time, then you should place the sign that indicates maximum capacity. You should specify the number of people you want to be present on the sign.


Attention or Do not Enter
If you do not want people who have recently suffered from COVID-19 symptoms to enter your premises, then place attention or do not enter COVID-19 safety sign on the entrances. This sign will remind the people to stay at home and prevent the spread.

Other than these 5 major COVID-19 safety signs, you can place a sign explaining the coronavirus prevention best practices at random locations in your office premises.
With the help of these safety signs, we are sure your employees and other visitors will follow all the precautions and maintain a safe and healthy environment in your workplace.

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