Staying motivated is a difficult undertaking for many people, especially when negative emotions cloud the mind continually. Staying motivated is about eliminating any negative emotions from the mind and focusing on accomplishing goals. For sales professionals, no goal is too large to accomplish when remaining highly motivated.

Keeping a List of Goals
Writing out all your goals on paper and being specific about what you want to accomplish can be a highly effective technique. Make deadlines on accomplishing these targets and have this list somewhere where you can read it each day. Whether it's in the office or at home think about how to accomplish these goals and visualize doing so. This helps to stay motivated and goal oriented, and every person in the selling industry should do this.

Mention Goals to Others
By publicly commenting to other sales associates and colleagues about your goal setting effort, you'll be putting yourself in a position where expectations are much higher. Update everyone every time you accomplish or get closer to your target. Not only is this self motivating, those around you can give support as you work toward these accomplishments.

Eliminating Negative Thoughts
Try to erase any type negative thoughts from your mind. Negative emotions and thoughts can make it far more difficult to accomplish anything. Try to maintain a vision of success and the after effect of meeting goals. This could be anything from monetary gain to a dream home, or perhaps the vacation you've been wanting. By focusing on the end result you'll strive harder to be productive and will stay motivated longer.

Rewarding Your Performance
Anytime that you accomplish a task that relates to your goal setting efforts, it's important to have a performance incentive and reward. Even if it's a small gain, reward your efforts for every achievement. This could be something as simple as finishing a large project on time and then rewarding yourself by going out for an evening of enjoyment with a group of friends. By attaching rewards to each goal, you'll stay on track and thrive to reach the next goal on the list.

Setting Different Types of Goals
In order to stay motivated each day, in addition to long-term goals, you should also have those which are smaller. Accomplishing a series of small tasks that you set for yourself daily increases confidence. Additionally, eliminate any distractions that may interfere with your goal setting efforts.

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