Did you know that our largest organ in our body is our skin? That is why it is important to have a great daily regimen that includes nourishment from the inside out. There are 5 easy ways to have great skin. 
Our skin forms a complete external covering of the body and is visible to other people. This is probably the reason that skin care products represent one of the biggest industries in the world. The skin is also the largest organ of elimination in the body. We eliminate toxins from the body through our skin.
When we have skin complaints, we must realize that these are an indication that the other organs in our body, especially the lungs and kidneys are working overtime and in overload. With this in mind we must begin to realize what we put in our mouths will come out of our pores. We must be mindful to drink water as this assist the body for correct elimination.
Here are 5 easy daily ways to have great skin:

Exercise to open the pores and increase the circulation within our body

Move about in the sunlight- the sun has a natural antiseptic effect for the skin and helps to close any open sores.

Morning washing your face with warm water and a gentle nontoxic cleanser that is devoid of parabens, then splash with cold ice water.

Eat for your chakras, eat raw, organic and veggies that are the chakra colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. An eating program that includes raw fruits and vegetables, low in starches and high in proteins are the best for skin. Too many simple carbohydrates tend to deplete the skin of its natural moisture and bring dullness to the skin’s luster.

Skin Brushing- use a skin brush to improve the circulation of the skin and bring the vibrancy back to your skin. Exfoliating the skin is great for creating radiant and vibrant looking skin. It is also an essential tool for good circulation, strengthening the immune system, stimulating the nervous system, toning the muscles and improving digestion?

It is important to remember that the condition of your skin is largely related to your inner health and eating habits. Lifestyle and dietary changes are important to support your internal health. Having great internal health is important to optimize the skin’s function and thereby allowing it to appear glowing and smooth. That is why it is extremely important to follow these five easy tips to have beautiful skin.

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Marti Angel, MA "America's Health and Expert Lifestyle Coach"

Marti is an Ordained Minister, Self help book Author,500 ERYT, Yoga Professor, Certified Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master level 3, Chakra Healer, Certified WATSU water therapist, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist FDN, Certified Nutraceutical Consultant, Certified Health/Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker and founder of the number one alternative therapies site on the web.