One of the first myths surrounding hydroponics is that it is not natural. Plants normally consume nutrients in a dissolved state that are dissociated as ions. They do it in the same way that they do when they are absorbing nutrients from the soil. The breaking down of organic matter depends to a significant extent on the external factors. In any case the entire process happens in a rather complex manner. The action of microbes first mineralizes this content. The roots then take up the nutrient ions. In hydroponics the required nutrients are already available so that the plants can consume them immediately.

Hydroponic Grow Box

Myth 1 - This is a new development

A lot of people are under the impression that hydroponics is a new discipline. But nothing can be farther from truth. It is said by many that Hanging Gardens of Babylon were actually hydroponic systems. It is known as one of Seven Wonders of Ancient World. Alongwith that in ancient Egypt various kinds of crops and fruits were grown by using this system only. Thus, as you can see, this is not a novel discipline or pursuit as such. Previous civilizations have attempted it and with a degree of success, it might be said.

Myth 2 - Hydroponics is not organic

An integral part of hydroponics is the grow tents. When it comes to conventional soil farming there are several issues that need to be taken care of such as water and/or manure being contaminated by external agents such as rodents or birds. However, in hydroponics you have much greater control over variables such as these. If you are using hygienic conditions such as indoors and clean greenhouses you can stop the productivity of crops from being harmed by these external forces. This process is capable of eliminating the risk factors such as rodents or even increasing levels of moisture that can harm soil farming.

Myth 3 - It is harmful for the environment

This is also another myth that people blindly follow regarding this particular activity. In fact, it happens to be one of the most environment friendly methods of gardening – you could actually call it the perfect method for such a purpose. The environment is not harmed by hydroponics at all, not even in the least bit. Scientific research has proven that more water is needed in conventional farming rather than hydroponics. Also, the waste matter from hydroponics is not dumped in water bodies such as lakes and streams.

Myth 4 - It is just gardening

Hydroponics is often confused with gardening. In fact, people feel that it is just the same as gardening. It is not at all a catch-all word that you can use to substitute gardening. It is a much superior method of gardening. It is also not genetic modification of crops. Even in case genetic modification practices are followed plants will produce more crops compared to the conventional methods of growing them. It is basically a practice where crops are grown without using soil.

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