Massage is a therapy where external pressure is applied to soothe and reduce pain, and it is a therapy that is known to come up with effective results. Apart from pain relief, it also aids in stress release as well as letting the muscle tension reduce while providing complete relief. While massage can be of various types coming to aid for different issues of the body, prenatal massage is something that is common for all women who are pregnant.

While experts agree that prenatal massage therapy for women is something that aids to the proper growth of the foetus, relief from the stress that women go through during this period as well as the cramps that their body undergoes when it is going through a transformation. Even though there are numerous benefits that surround the need for pre-natal massage, there is this in need to ensure that the right techniques are implied, and only trained experts should be performing such massages on pregnant women.

Prenatal Massage

When it comes to availing pre-natal massage with a Kansa Wand, there are numerous benefits associated, and that is the reason why most pregnant are prescribed to avail such therapy.

It regulates the hormones

Pregnancy is known to bring along stress with it no matter how joyous a woman is to welcome their baby to the world. There is an increase in the stress hormones, and while they receive a massage on a regular basis, these hormones tend to stay controlled while letting dopamine and serotonin levels associated with depression (when low) to increase. While the mother contracts hormones that aren’t balanced, it affects the child and thus leading to complications during delivery or probably low birth weight.

The is lesser swelling of the joints

When a woman is pregnant, the uterus is known to become heavy due to the presence of the baby and thus leading to irregular blood circulation. This has an adverse effect on the joints where women witness swelling and aches. When they avail massage therapies, they are known to witness a reduction in the pain where there is better blood circulation. There is also this stimulation of the soft tissues that would get rid of water retention that the joints witness. With regular massage and the pressure applied on the body, there is this drainage of toxins while letting the mother nurture in a better way.

The nerve aches get relief

When it comes to pregnancy, with each passing day the uterus gets heavy while the baby grows. This is known to result in sciatic aches where the pelvic floor and surrounding areas receive the pain due to the heaviness. The muscles of the upper and lower leg start to get tender while making them feel the pain right at the nerves. While there is external pressure applied during a massage, the pain is relieved while making the pelvic floor strong.

There is better sleep

Due to the change in hormone levels as well as the presence of aches and pains all over, pregnant women often cannot sleep peacefully. While they receive regular Kansa massage, the muscles receive relief; the stress levels are reduced and thus letting them have a good sleep.

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