1. Your desires should be perfectly clear to you.

Do you get the feeling that you don't really know what you want? Society teaches us that we shouldn't shoot too high, and as a result people close off their ability to really accept what they want out of life.

You don't have to tell anyone who isn't going to support you about anything you desire or want. But you must articulate them to yourself. I always suggest writing your thoughts down. You could write your wants down somewhere to keep track of them. By doing this you can hone your feelings and your attentiveness of your emotions and thoughts. It's important to keep a dated log to see your mental progress as you go along.

Faith in your own creative power grows as you manifest more of your wants into your life. The entire process gets easier and easier. It's like anything else: practicing something leads to eventual mastery of a craft.

2. Figure out where your beliefs don't match up.

Everyone wants their lives to go well. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they didn't have to work for money. Fun, family, and friends are of utmost importance to us. A stable career that we love doing. On the other hand, we've been raised with the conflicting beliefs that we have to work hard in order to be worthy. You have to sweat and strain before you can get there. We're taught life needs to be difficult and painful. If you just keep your expectations low enough, disappointment can be minimized.

Beliefs like these are so fundamental to most people's lives that they hardly even realize they're there, let alone question them. We believe our beliefs! In reality, you were born entitled to anything you desire (as long as you're not hurting other people of course). There's absolutely nothing you have to do to become worthy of what you want. Try imagining what that would feel like, it's a truly liberating realization.

The reason you don't have what you want is because you to some degree believe you are unworthy of it, that you shouldn't have it. These pesky unserving beliefs turn into barriers between you and the manifestation of your desires. For this reason most people are not able to manifest what they want, let alone realize they have the power to do so. We have a mismatch in the energy that relates to our desires. Your thoughts, the world around you, your boss, they're all manifestations of energy. You know the Universe matches and mirrors back more about what we're transmitting. By projecting muddled and conflicted energy we get the same type of energy sent right back, contributing to lack of fulfilment.

3. Think and feel as if your desires have already been manifested.

In order to send a clear signal to the Universe, you have to think and feel as if your desires have already been fulfilled. After sending a clear signal, you will begin to see reality, the outside experience of your life, change to match the internal state. However, before you can see your external experience manifested in a way that reflects your desires, you must first bring your mind to a state of alignment.

As a Law of Attraction Coach I know this process can be frustrating and arduous, but just remember: it's just about having fun. Make your practice your play and you'll get the results you desire faster and with more fun than you can imagine.

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