The most admired and advanced accounting solution QuickBooks Enterprise thrives on regular updates and improvements. This accounting software gives the best of technology to its users and till date, it is the most advanced version of the software.

With the power of the cloud, users are able to have the right flexibility in their accounting operations which is very much necessary. The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution is intact with the quality of both the cloud and the QB Enterprise desktop and that’s why, it is the most preferred cloud accounting solution among CPAs, Bookkeepers, Accountants, and SMEs.

Having flexibility in your small business is very much necessary because the SMEs have always more on their plate and without the added touch of flexibility in their business solutions, their survival becomes questionable.
The QuickBooks Enterprise solution gives small business the power of flexibility within an economical budget. So without burning a hole in their pocket, small businesses can still be flexible with their accounting operations.

So let’s have a look at the different types of flexibility offered by the robust QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution.

The flexibility to access

One of the major and most highlighted flexibility offered in the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution is the flexibility to access. If you are using the traditional method of accounting, which comprises of stamps, physical invoices, papers, then you will be restricted to your office desktop in order to access your books.

While as a QuickBooks Enterprise hosting user, such restriction becomes meaningless. When you choose the cloud solution, then your files and accounting software are put on the cloud server which can be accessed from anywhere. Whether you are on the go or relaxing at your home, you will have access to your books 24/7. Just open your device, enter the credentials and that’s it, you are ready to work on your books from anywhere.

The flexibility to collaborate

Another great flexibility provided by QuickBooks Enterprise hosting to its user is the flexibility to collaborate. In order to work as a team in the traditional form of accounting, you need to have employees under one roof and still, they will have to go through the cumbersome process of sending data back and forth while waiting for other employees to complete their part of the work.

The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution allows you to collaborate and give the best of teamwork efforts without a physical office or employees under one roof. With the magic of multi-user collaboration, you can add users to your QB on cloud and they will be able to work as a team with real time updates even with people sitting at distant locations.

The flexibility to opt out

If you have chosen a hosting provider for your QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution and later on find that the hosting provider chosen by you is not fit for your business, then you don’t need to stick with them as you have the flexibility to opt out of the chosen cloud provider at anytime of the service.

No any hosting provider includes contract for providing you the hosting services and therefor you are never bound to stick with a wrong hosting provider. You can easily switch to another hosting provider without much loss and damage.

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Nitin Patel is content manager at Highness Cloud Hosting. He has a vast knowledge and experience about cloud accounting, cloud hosting and accounting software hosted on the cloud.