Are you focused working on your own “Monetize Your Passion” plan of action? Or are you still unclear on your “Monetize Your Passion” Vision & Mission? Hope you’re getting crystal clear on your true passion and stepping into your personal power (including your skills, talents, passion and purpose). However, if you’re not 100% clear yet. I have great news, this week’s article: The 3 BIG Whys to Clear Your “Monetize Your Passion” Vision & Mission is going to give you simple, yet powerful tools and tips to help you get started immediately. But first, imagine yourself living your “Monetize Your Passion” business vision & mission—the business you are meant to create. How would it feel? What experiences would it involve? What results would it provide? How would you know when you are experiencing authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur and PASSIONATE professional? Tune in and get in touch with your ideal, best business as it will help you build up positive and powerful momentum, which can turn infinite possibility into prosperity and profitability so your “Monetize Your Passion” dream business of today becomes your real business of tomorrow.

To get crystal clear and deeply connect with your “Monetize Your Passion” Business Vision and Mission, get grounded, centered, and in touch with you 3 BIG Whys behind and beyond the success of the “Monetize Your Passion” business you want to create. You may not have an immediate response to one or some of them right now. That’s okay. Just get into the energy of your blessing (skills and talents), passion, purpose, and what you really want in your life by asking the BIG why questions, letting the authentic answers come and the inner creativity unfold. It’s a process, so allow the wisdom to flow. Each question can and should have many answers. And remember, they are not fixed answers because, again, we all are evolving beings. So there’s no need to be too attached to any of the specifics. Just be honest, be open, be present, and tell the truth about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions here and now. What is true for you right now, at this very moment, is what really matters.

When you explore the 3 BIG whys behind the business you want to build—your “Monetize Your Passion” BUSINESS—as well as the unique transformation you want to make in yourself, your life, and your audience, you dive even deeper and question the expectations, explanations, and beliefs that may have kept you stuck or kept you small, not allowing your unique brilliance to shine through the work you were born to do. So while going through the process feel free to be playful, courageous, and curious with your “monetize-your-passion” business answers…and please avoid judging yourself. The success secret here is not to over-think or analyze it, but to open your heart, listen to your intuition, and fully feel the emotions and gut feeling coming out so you can make it as easy, effortless, and graceful as possible for the connection to unfold with freedom, fulfilment, and fun!

All you need is to quiet your mind and be willing to follow your heart so you can get inspired, connected, and communicate what your inner wisdom is revealing to you.

Let go of what is in your way and imagine: What if your “Monetize Your Passion” business is meant to be fun?

What if it’s meant to be easy? What if how you transform is how you live? So get connected, transform, and truly thrive today!

The 3 BIG Whys to Clear Your “Monetize Your Passion” Vision & Mission

This stage is essential. It gives you more clarity, creativity, and confidence because you’ll discover that you have everything you need inside you to build your “Monetize Your Passion” business and make a bigger difference in the lives of the people you serve, touch, and impact.

Take a sacred moment, take a long, deep breath, and connect with the 3 BIG whys of your “Monetize Your Passion” business vision and mission by answering the following questions as deeply and specifically as possible.

1. Why YOU? Why are YOU the right person to build this business? Here you can also consider what makes you unique. What makes you different from others? What sets you apart from other professionals in your field/industry? Connect with your BIG vision, BIG mission, BIG message, as well as your authentic aspirations and ambitions.

2. Why THIS? Why are you building THIS business? Why are you SO passionate about THIS business? Take into consideration what your promise/claim is. What’s your success solution? What do you offer? What don’t you offer? What results, benefits, and outcomes do you provide? Connect with your big dream, big vision, big purpose behind your “monetize-your-passion” business, as well as get in touch with your core values and desired feelings.

3. Why NOW? Why is NOW the right time for you to build this business? Why NOW is the best time to create this work? Take into account what motivates, inspires, empowers, and enlightens you to want to do it NOW.

In short: Why YOU? Why THIS? Why NOW?

In order to help you answer these questions at a deeper level, remember that your monetize-your-passion business (the great work you were born to do) is about serving in some way. When you know your BIG whys, you are filled with a sense of purpose, passion, and meaning every moment, every day, in every way, and you are operating from a high level of living, being, and doing. If you are not clear on these three simple yet powerful questions, you may need to step back and discover the answers to the “who am I?” and “why am I here on this planet?” questions. Connecting with your blessing (skills and talents), passion, and purpose at a deeper, more advanced level enables you to know and feel your BIG whys authentic answers. That is the heart and soul of your “monetize your passion” great work, meaning your authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur (coach/mentor, author, speaker, trainer, leader and expert).

In today’s transformational times, “Monetize Your Passion” business is the cutting edge of the new paradigm of entrepreneurial success. If you believe in God, a Spirit, a Creator, a Higher Power, the Universe, the Divine, Energy, Love, Angels, or whatever you may call it, “Monetize Your Passion” business success is ready to come to you, to come to me, to come to everyone. However, you decide whether you should receive it or not. It’s when you get in the way that you don’t receive it. And when you get out of the way, the universal flow arrives to you.

A powerful approach to get out of the way is to step back and connect with your BIG whys behind your business. You may be wondering, “How do you know that?” I know because I’ve been there. It was a turning point in my life when I started getting in touch, crystal clear, and specific on my BIG whys behind my own “monetize-your-passion” business. And it’s the one of the best ways you can connect with your authentic business and live your big business purpose (your big dream, big vision, big mission). When you do, the excitement, enthusiasm, and emotional energy open up and grow bigger as you build your monetize-your-passion business and connect with your specific, ideal people, what I call, your authentic audience – the people you’re here on this planet to serve, support and help.

I must confess I get excited and passionate when I touch on the BIG whys and connect with my big dream, big vision, big mission, and big purpose. I love to teach and coach my clients and students how to do that because it works very powerfully and profoundly in a transformative way. And since I specialize in authentic business and monetize-your-passion success from the inside out, which is the core of everything I do, I’ve gone through the process myself and I know, feel, and believe that everything expands and evolves when you know your BIG whys—the true, desired, real reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

Authentic Business Success in Action

Answer the 3 BIG whys of your “Monetize Your Passion” business vision and mission. Take some private time to go and do it and enJOY the rewards! And remember, if you need support and guidance, I’m here always happy to help when you need me. :-)

QUESTION: What challenges/obstacles are you facing right now that you’d love to overcome so you can monetize your passion once and for all? Please leave your comments, insights and/or issues below. We’d love to hear from you. Your success is my passion! icon smile The 3 BIG Whys to Clear Your “Monetize Your Passion” Vision & Mission

Until then, share your PASSION, live your PURPOSE and TRULY THRIVE today!

Thriving Together,
Olivia :-)

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