A reaction always follows an action. A pendulum which swings to one end will return to the other end. Those who behave eccentrically later repent and yearn to regain balance. Apart from diarrhea and vomiting occurring because of intake of venomous food one also faces danger to one’s life. A wrathful person perforce faces harsh reactions from others. A person of vile addictions loses his health, joy and honor. Those who spend a lot always face lack of finances. A man of vile actions loses a meritorious status both in this and the other world. Opposite to this those who are hard working, disciplined and zealous succeed in wholesome tasks.

In those days when energies were used aptly people were happy even if means were ordinary and lived in an atmosphere of joy. Satyuga was that time span which historians never tire of praising. Opposite to this if do’s and don’ts are ignored so as to become unruly such situations will naturally manifest which is looked down upon as Kaliyuga wherein despite many comforts existing people live fearful and agonizing lives. Today this is exactly what is happening. Science has helped man become the lord of a lot of power. Since the intellect becomes sharper day by day information too augments in tandem. There is no dearth of sense merriment. One seeing pomp one gets deluded that we are living in heaven. If all this was apt truly we can say that in this century extraordinary progress has been made. But when the envelope is opened what comes out is nothing but venom and germs. This mockery is the result of ignoring wholesome thinking and acting. If only science and spirituality had walked hand in hand today’s achievements would have given so much joy and peace to world society which in comparison to Satyuga would have been much more. But what can one say of that ill fate, which has deleted the line between apt use and misuse?


Although man can act in any way he pleases yet he cannot save himself from facing their reactions whether good or bad. The result of misuse will definitely be dire situations and chaos. This is what is happening today. A cold war has ensued between the wealthy and poor. Those who ignore gentlemanliness are hell bent on destroying love, magnanimity and goodwill to all. Due to the vicious cycle of attack and revenge man has lost contentment, zest and cooperation. Apart from harassing others and showing off one’s ego one cannot think of anything constructive. Under such conditions it is but natural that people become distorted inwardly and society experiences a downfall. How can world balance set in? Air pollution, egoistic behavior and lack of ethics in their own way are warning us that a great destruction is imminent. Land grabbing, population explosion and undesirable trends has agitated everyone as a result of suspicion, distrust, despair and terror setting in. the future seems dark and gloomy. The present is also so chaotic that when you try solving a problem 10 more crop up. Instead of cooperation opposition is in vogue today.

In this state of things the subtle atmosphere too is becoming poisonous. Since we have marred nature it is hell bent on punishing mankind. Famines occur again and again. Floods, earthquakes, epidemics and strife rule the roost. Nature which has always affectionately nurtured all creatures is today ready to kill us. Over and above use of nuclear weapons, radiations and poisonous chemicals there is a doubt that earth will be allowed to regain peace. One wonders whether clouds of destruction that are looming large everywhere will lead to world annihilation or Pralaya. There is a possibility that due to such unbearable attacks this beautiful earth may scatter away to naught in interstellar space and that one will not have any clue of its existence.

As per ordinary experience the earth appears motionless and day in and day out we believe thus. But those with subtle vision know for sure that like a spinning top the earth rotates on its axis and for circumambulating the sun it flies like a bird. This is mindboggling and beyond the ken of our ordinary intellect, yet this is exactly the situation. Laymen can only understand things taking place at the surface but those who penetrate deeper know that these days are very explosive and it is like sitting on a pile of gunpowder which can burn us all to ashes.

Under what demeaning circumstances will the 20th century end, this warning has been given by all including specialists and futurists. One sometimes suspects that this black day may appear maybe tomorrow or day after. In the name of progress we are heading towards a downfall. In order to attain everything today we perilously put at stake our precious future. The mineral ore storehouse may get depleted any moment. For a rising population not only food and housing will become scarce but that the earth will appear small to even walk on. Since people will lose their very life force they will die like flies and mosquitoes. Due to lack of goodwill and cooperation people will turn into ghosts even if they flaunt their pomp and wealth. All this can be witnessed today. Tomorrow it will augment and not diminish.

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