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Leadership works on the collective strengths of an organization’s people by empowering everyone, and taking ownership of their growth in the company. It is a collaborative process that isn’t given to you, it is something that you must earn. It opens up the door for opportunities in the industry and allows to take the road to success.

The current pandemic has put the business leaders in a difficult position, but it is through their skills they are serving the people in these tough times as well. From a businesswomen’s perspective, the industry has been extremely challenging and sets very high expectations for women. Finding a balance between personal life, family and work have become extremely important for them. And, there is no other way than to deal with it daily. Thus, for businesswomen only hard work won’t get them anywhere, getting creative is the ultimate survival tool in the business. That can be achieved by working with flexibility and a smart working environment. The job they do should ultimately give them satisfaction and should be totally worth it. They expect to work and plan accordingly for such smart work. While technology has made things a little less complicated, businesswomen have adapted according to the working ways of it. It has its challenges but learning and understanding the innovation is the hour of the need. Valuing team’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions is equally important. Above, all the main goal is to inspire the team. It is better to make mistakes early on so that you learn, as they say biggest lessons are learnt from our own mistakes. Lastly, it allows rooms to learn and grow continuously.

Businesswomen today are going the extra mile beyond the traditional ways of leading with all these innovative ideas. They are brave enough to take the step forward of leadership. Hence, acknowledging the contributions of all such businesswomen leaders Insights Success has come up with its upcoming edition of The 20 Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch 2021. Featuring on the Cover Story of this edition is Barbara Paldus – CEO at Codex Beauty. Barbara and her team are bringing fundamental changes to the beauty industry.

Barbara overcomes being told that as a Ph.D. woman could never lead a company as a CEO, raise venture capital, or build an enterprise. She discovered that many practices in the skincare industry do not yield the most potent ingredients, or do not follow the quality practices of regulated industries. My goal as a leader is to help my organization grow despite the pandemic and leverage the change in US leadership that has brought science back! Along with Barbara, there are more exciting journeys of businesswomen, in this edition. So, while you read about their stories, keep yourself updated by reading CXO standpoints by the industrial experts and also the creative articles written by the in-house editorial team.

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