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The Hollywood Smile is a procedure that first started in 1928 as courtesy of Hollywood and the perfect pearly whites of its on-screen actors. The work of Dr. Charles Pincus of creating the Hollywood Smile veneers witnessed many advancements in the decades to come. The concept of Hollywood Smile veneers has progressed from being a temporary fix to a permanent and naturally stunning smile makeover.

In addition, with the current technologies available, you now have many options for your veneers to choose from.

What Is the Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile is a very popular procedure that uses cap-like shells to correct nearly all dental mishaps. Because the Hollywood Smile veneers are now long-lasting, the procedure has become more complicated than when the practice first started. To make your smile look stunning and natural, there are certain aspects of smile design that your dentist takes into consideration. In other words, your Hollywood Smile veneers are controlled to be of a certain size and shape depending on the location of the tooth. For instance, a perfect smile would have the the first incisors align with your face symmetry and the following incisors should be 61.8% of the size of the big incisors. In addition, there are more principles that take into consideration lip symmetry, gum exposure, and brightness.

Once your veneers are manufactured, your dentist will place each veneer on the front surface of each tooth. Depending on the type of Hollywood Smile veneers you are getting, your dentist may or may not shave down your teeth.

What Can the Hollywood Smile Procedure Correct?

The Hollywood Smile procedure can correct a vast array of dental problems. These include the following:

- Close gaps between teeth
- Correct any type of pigmentation
- Straighten minor teeth crowding
- Reshape teeth

Types of Hollywood Smile Veneers

1- Veneers

Veneers can either be made from porcelain or composite resin. In terms of performance, porcelain is superior over composite but composite veneers are more affordable. However, in terms of aesthetics, both can be flexibly customized to complement your features.

This type of Hollywood Smile veneers requires shaving of your teeth beforehand.

2- Luminaires

Luminaires are extremely thin shells made from laminate. This type of veneers are durable, long-lasting, and natural looking. And given their thinness, luminaires don't require the filing down of your teeth for placement.

However, unlike veneers; luminaires can't correct severe dental mishaps of any kind. Therefore, they are suitable for individuals with minor smile defects such as faint staining on teeth.

Can I Get Hollywood Smile Veneers in One Day?

With cutting-edge technologies like the CAD/CAM system, you can get your Hollywood Smile veneers in one day. This technology uses 3D printing and computer assisted cameras to take accurate impressions of your veneers and print them out immediately.

Available at the leading Istanbul-based Dentakay, one-day Hollywood Smile veneers are both high quality and affordable.

The Takeaway

the Hollywood Smile veneers are a solution for several types of dental defects. You can opt for either veneers or luminaires and your dentist will help you choose what is best for you.

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The Hollywood Smile is a procedure that first started in 1928 as courtesy of Hollywood and the perfect