If you are a true entrepreneur (meaning that you have a vision for your business that is beyond just the day-to-day work that you do), then you want that business to move forward. You need to plan. You need to strategize.

But before you get to all that left-brained, nitty gritty stuff, you need to be asking yourself these two very important questions.

How is that going to happen?
What gets in the way?

For example, say you want to launch a program that starts January 4. You ask, “How is that going to happen?” Your answer might be, “I need to enroll 6 people.”

Question #1 gets repeated… So, how is *that* going to happen?

And your answer to that might be, “I need to enroll 2 people by November 15, 2 people by November 30, and 2 people by December 16.”

Question #1 gets repeated again… So, how is *that* going to happen?

Your answer: “I need to call Sally and Bob as they are hot prospects.”

And you realize you don’t want to call Sally and Bob. You feel uncomfortable. You start making up stories about how you’ll annoy them and that you really aren’t “into” sales. You find other things to do… that have nothing to do with launching your program.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty action plans and you start feeling resistance or fear, you ask question #2. “What gets in the way?”

That’s when things get interesting. :)

Whatever your fears or resistance is, you need to pay attention to that, feel it, and break it up.

Let me explain… Years ago, I sprained my ankle and tore a tendon. My ankle swelled up like a balloon. When I went to my massage appointment, the massage therapist started to massage it. “No!!! You’re not supposed to touch it!” I screamed.

“Uh, yes, I am. We need to break up the scar tissue that is already forming and get the blood flowing to that area.”

She worked on the ankle and the rest of my body, and by the end of the massage, surprisingly, the swelling had gone down, and the ankle felt better. My first instinct had been to not touch it, to let it be. But that was the opposite of what I needed to do. I needed to pay attention to the problem, work with it, and break up those toxins and scar tissue.

Only then was the ankle going to get healthy.

Now, back to business. As you think about calling Sally and Bob and you have big-time FEAR and RESISTANCE around that, you actually have to sink into those feelings. What is that about? Why are you feeling that? What are you afraid of? (And those answers are a whole ‘nother article.)

The point is that in order to get past that fear, you have to feel it first. Understand that it’s there. And then start to break up the scar tissue.

And there may be a point where you still feel uncomfortable and you just have to do it anyway.

Because that’s the only way to make *that* happen.

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