• The 14 Pound Skunk vs the 500 Pound Black Bear

• 1. “Daddy tell me a story.”
“I’m tired, and your mother hates my stories.”
“But I won’t tell her, and the story will make you feel wide-awake. It can be a short story.”

• 2. “In the woods lived a tiny, black and white skunker, with her two pups. Every morning MaryAnn, the 14-lb. skunker, left her cave to go shopping at Walmart’s to feed her family.

• 3. This time was different than all other shopping trips. She was buying some Bing cherries, when a 500 lb. Black Bear came to the checkout line – right behind MaryAnn.

• 4. And that’s the end of the story and MaryAnn. Her two cubs became orphans, and starved to death. Now go to sleep.”

• 5. “That’s a terrible story, Daddy.”

• Then you tell me your ending when a 500 lb. bear faces a 14-lb. tiny skunker?”
• 6. “The lady skunk, MaryAnn squirts the Bear, with her scent glands, and the bear runs away screaming and crying.”

• 7. “Did I tell you this story before? That’s what happens in real life. 500-pound bears are deathly afraid of 14-pound skunks. Here’s your take-away, my dear child. In your life you will confront what you think is a 500 pound black bear, many times.

• 8. Think-Feel-& Believe You are the tiny skunker, and you will WIN the battle just like MaryAnn could have. Why? Because you have a UCA “Unique-Competitive-Advantage”. What’s that?

• 9. You’re much smarter. You’ll squirt the Bear in both eyes with your Willpower.” Crack him in the face with a jar of Honey. Slap him silly with an Alaskan Salmon. Or gun him down with your 50-round Machine-gun.”

• 10. “But where did I get the Machine-gun?”

• 11. “Easy, the same place a skunk and a bear shop at Walmart’s. Out of your “imagination!” Now go to sleep.”

• 12. I woke up with a rip-roaring headache, and a galloping neck pain. Being a hypochondriac, I feared for the worse – dying in the next five-minutes.

• 13. See, once I faced the worst-possible result, and decided there was nothing I could do to avoid death, looking for a better solution was easy.

• 14. Don’t ask me to explain the Ideo-Motor-Effect. It suggested I go to Youtube and watch, the Brainwave Vibration. What’s that? Google: Brain wave vibrations or see it on Youtube.

• 15. If you are in pain in your back, neck, or even legs, my experience is about 3-4 minutes of these simple, stupid exercises permanently dissipates not the symptoms, but the Cause.

• 16. Brainics call it the “Placebo-Effect”, you tricking your brain. Sarcastic skeptics call it a poke-in-the-eye, with a stick. They called it a “Scam & a Fraud”. Do a brain experiment, and judge for yourself. That’s what I did.

• 17. Step one. Get into your “healing-zone, in-the-flow,” by 50-seconds of Diaphragmatic-Breathing. Dominant Hand stretched out below your belly-button (navel).
Inhale through your nose and fill your diaphragm rise.

• 18. Exhale and chant aloud in a whisper, Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, (four times). Three more of these breaths, a total of 16 “Hum-ms”. You are now in relaxed Alpha brain waves. You’re in your Parasympathetic Nervous System.

• 19. Step two: Intentionally “Smile” with your mouth & eyes. Maintain this Smile for the entire Brain wave vibration exercise.

• 20. Brainiacs: the electromagnetic vibration in your body, with head-movements, changes the vibrational frequency (rhythm) of your brain. Don’t analyze it; just execute the baby-easy Head-Movements.

• 21. Can you nod your head up-and-down? How about shaking your head side-to-side? Yes! Symbol, and No! Symbol. You are triggering your Brain Stem. It’s where your neck and spinal cord connect, at the back of your skull.

• 22. If you can Nod and Shake, can you make circles (I call it “Infinity” symbols) with your 3-pound coconut?”

• 23. Step three: is shaking your head, left-to-right & back for 30-seconds. Keep your head upright, yet relaxed.

• 24. Step four: nodding your skull, up-and-down for 30-seconds. You’ll hear crackling noises, as vertebrae move back into “alignment”.

• 25. Step five: hands crossed behind your head. Same “shaking-nodding-circling” head-movements. Notice your shoulders lowering into a relaxed position.

• 26. I notice the pain retreats in the first 20-seconds, and
is inhibited from returning for a minimum of 12-hours. Unlike medication, there are no after-effects.

• 27. Use your “chin” as a pointer for the four compass-points

• Brainiacs and the rest of us know this is NOT medical advice, it is just for education experience. See your doctor as required.
We recommend that if it works, no matter how jerky sounding. Use it.

My cousin Albert once said, “I must be willing to give-up what I AM, to become what I will be.”

He had a comment about schooling too. “Education is NOT about Facts, but learning how to think, about people
And the cosmos.” Cool, like when he won the Nobel.

• See ya,

• Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler, director of education, SpeedReading101.org
Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading,
graduated 2-million, including the white House staffs of four U.S. Presidents. We teach one-day workshops in NYC
at Columbia University.