Many a time history repeats itself. Seasons keep manifesting again and again. The sun rises again every 24 hours. A creature is born, it grows and then dies. Again this is repeated in the following births. The earth rotates around its axis for 24 hours and once in a year revolves around the sun. This has been going on since time immemorial billions of times. Yugas, Manvantaras, Kalpas etc keep manifesting. Stars, planets etc too rotate and revolve again and again. The cycle of creation and destruction too gets repeated. Oceans give rain, rains enter the ocean and all this keeps repeating. What we are trying to say is that everything in this world functions in a repetitive manner and comes back to the same point from where it started. This holds true for history too. Changes do take place as far as individuals and incidents are concerned but only that happens which has been going on since ages. In order to describe this fact a western thinker once said: there is nothing new under the sun.

In a withered social management again and again a need arises for reform and repair. When clothes become dirty they have to be washed. Vessels have to be cleaned daily. One has to broom the house every day. Teeth have to be brushed daily. The reason is that when you clean something it later becomes dirty again and hence it has to be cleaned again. During festival of Dipawali the house must be swept, cleaned and painted so that it remains firm and becomes more attractive. Buildings, wells, roads, machines, motors etc need repairs regularly. If this is ignored these precious items will lose their long lasting nature much in advance. Hence wise people always repair and reform when the need arises. This always happens and should be repeated as and when required. A shattered society too needs reformation. Reformists are born everywhere as a result. Time and again religious leaders, social reformers, prophets, saints, Rishis etc incarnate on earth and make efforts in their own way to reform contemporary situations. So far in every nation, in every era, in their respective language/culture environment have carried out reformation tasks and this shall happen in future too.

When the situation becomes more perilous Lord Mahakal has to sharpen his weapon. Small houses, bridges etc can be built by a small time engineer but if a big dam is to be built a senior specialist engineer is required. If a big dam breaks apart and a danger of numerous villages etc surrounding it could get drowned then this danger cannot be overcome by a small time engineer. This danger can only be warded off by a senior engineer. In society again and again small problems occur and ordinary social reformers solve them. But when sins cross all their limits, boundaries are broken and mankind loses the capacity to get inspired by wholesome thinking, a mighty reformer is required. This task is executed by Mahakal himself because it is his responsibility to correct erroneous situations. Assistant doctors of various hospitals carry out minor operations but when a perilous major operation is required a civil surgeon’s presence is most required. Today world society is bleeding as a result of very dire situations cropping up and hence small time reforms and reformers cannot do much good. For this what is required is a very gigantic turbulence. This aim has always been fulfilled time and again by Lord Mahakal. In ancient times this is what took place. Today history will repeat itself.

In the near future gigantic turbulence will be seen in the world. From the material standpoint as a result such situations will manifest which increases human strife. It is because of this that man will be forced to realize that he has not tread that path on which he should have walked. In-ethics ultimately proves hazardous. If this small teaching is remembered by one and all nature would not have manifested so direly and there would have been no need to undergo innumerous hardships.

God hates none. He in fact is supremely compassionate and a benefactor. Hence he is called Shiva-Shankar. He is also called innocent.

Innocent means one who is straightforward, serene and gentlemanly. Hence why would such a God insist on pouring strife on mankind? It is sheer helplessness that induces such action. When mankind becomes very prejudiced, egoistic and arrogant and ignores gentlemanliness so as to imbibe hard heartedness at that time hardships have to be poured on him. When a child is taken to the hospital by a mother for surgery of a painful boil both the doctor and mother appear hard hearted yet the goal only is to cure the child. Both desire that the pain of the child be warded off and thus attain peace even if it means facing anguish for some time. Today’s humanity too is like a diseased patient. The only way to pave the way for his well being is to cut open the boil so that the pus oozes out and give peace to him.

Incarnations of God called Avatars too have such missions. They create such turbulence wherein discontent ends and peace prevails. Mahakal manifests an emotional flow for this. In it world human psyche gets agitated and within it so many warriors take up the gigantic task of ushering in world peace. Such goals cannot be fulfilled in a lone manner and instead many people are required. May be amongst these the leader gets fame but actually it is the sensitive flow which helps this leader find many aides and a task that seems difficult gets fulfilled easily. Amazed lay public fail to note the management of divinely inspired subtle world and give all the credit to the leader who can be seen with the gross eyes. An Avatar or victorious one is named and is an error on our part. Great seers know that a single person maybe very powerful yet without the help of many aides such gigantic tasks cannot be executed successfully and this congregational endeavor is inspired by Mahakal. He is formless hence his work arena is the subtle world. He is sensitive consciousness. Hence his desire becomes active in worldwide conscious principle. Due to its inspiration great people enact great missions. They get cooperation, credit and success. Hence people believe him to be the victorious one, reformer and Avatar. Yet the reality is different. The puppeteer who makes these puppets dance hides behind the curtain and thus how can the eyes made of skin, flesh etc see him?

In order to succeed in the mission of era transformation in ancient times many Avatars manifested. Some say they were ten, some twenty four etc. their contemporary situations varied hence their program, nature and means differed. Yet their mission was one:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat.
Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srajamyaham.
Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam.
Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

In the epic Ramayan the above is said as follows:

Jab jab hoi dharma ki hani.
Badhahin adham asur abhimani.
Tab tab prabhu dhari manuj sharira.
Harahin krupanidhi sajjan pira.

Time and again great saints destroy non-ethics and undesirable elements and replace it with aptness and discrimination. Thus because of this divine mission they attain glory. Since ancient times during important times such divine tasks are executed. When such situations crop up again such activities manifest again.

In ancient times creation and wealth were destroyed and all demigods and demons became indolent. Hence Mahakal inspired them to churn the ocean. The demigods and demons cooperated in this task. Such precious 14 jewels manifested as a result of which the world was glorified. A substratum was needed for churning of the ocean. Mandarachal Mountain was made the churning rod but who would hold this mountain? As a result Tortoise Incarnation appeared. He agreed to become the base. On its back the churning took place. Everyone eulogized it since it had taken up a big responsibility. Yet one cannot say he was the only one to churn the ocean. This is because everyone cooperated for example serpent became the rope, demons/demigods did the actual churning and the ocean gave 14 priceless jewels. In reality it was a joint victory. From the spiritual standpoint the credit should go to that sentimental flow which created an excitement in world human psyche. Thus the impossible task of manifesting the means became possible. Yet historians give credit to Tortoise Incarnation. Of course it is not a big error. If not the whole yet he took up a major responsibility.

In every incarnation this precept gets repeated. This can be seen from biographies of Matsya, Kurma, Varah, Nrisingh, Vaman, Parshuram, Krishna, Ram and Buddha incarnations. Yuga Purushas/Avataras carry out gigantic extraordinary feats and are incomparable. Yet 2 points are common in all of them wherein their aim is to ward off contemporary taints and also world public cooperation is made use of. When Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain his friends without getting scared of being buried under it raised their sticks to support it. When he danced the Maharas many cowherd girls overcame dire situations and joined in it. When the Mahabharat war set in the poverty stricken Pandavas were helped by a big army. Whether the task is of creation or annihilation great beings always get help from laymen. In Lord Ram’s mission many monkeys, bears etc took part. Buddha’s thousands of devotees travelled in various countries to teach non violence. He was helped by the wealthy Ashok, wise person like Anand and a towering personality like Ambapali. These human incarnations of God attained success in reforming tainted contemporary situations. Buddha and Gandhi devised a new plan wherein without bloodshed situations can be transformed and thus the incarnation’s mission succeeds.

In these days the 10th Taintless Incarnation has manifested. It is a sentimental flow whose goal is to wash off the taints of hundreds of years and thus brighten the face of world humanity. Laymen will be keen to know who will get credit for the task of this 10th Taintless Incarnation but great seers give no importance to it. They very well know that such a gigantic task cannot be executed by a single person. The Lord definitely sends his special envoy into this world but a total God can never take birth. If a total God took birth at one place who will manage the remaining part of the cosmos? Always only partial Avatars appear. And during such incarnations other advanced and radiant souls too take birth and together the divine goal is achieved.

Those who realize this fact make effort not to identify any individual but try to expose its root fount. The aim behind today’s the well managed worldwide sentimental flow of era transformation is to reestablish lost human glory. For a long time India was under alien rule and a taint that haunts us is that in warding off this rule we harbored fear. We tolerate undesirable elements since we do not want to face hardships that are associated with agitation and that we will have to renounce a few things. It is definitely a taint considering India’s past which was full of daring warriors and believed in immortality of the soul. Today’s sentimental flow in the psyche of world humanity aims to make them live lives of dignity, daring, truth, discrimination etc and we will atone for all the taints accrued by us for the past 100 years in our individual and social life. Thus those situations will be created which are apt for a glorious society. This sentimental flow will be none other than the 10th Taintless Incarnation.

In ancient times true discrimination was worshiped and never fundamentalism and blind beliefs. Today everything is topsy-turvy. Clay idols are worshiped and discrimination has been shown the door. Between man and man a sense of high low prevails as far as sectarianism is concerned and also the undesirable element of superior inferior between males and females. This taint is sitting on our heads despite the fact that we call ourselves civilized. Doubtlessly we talk of justice, ethics, same sightedness etc yet our actions are bang opposite to this. Our discrimination gets tainted when we lavishly spend on weddings etc, when we face hardships in daily living due to blind beliefs and fail to oppose all this. In individual living we behave in an uncultured manner by flaunting lethargy, sense merriment, lacking self control, selfishness and ego. Hence how can we bet on getting a chance to enter the group of civilized nations in the world? In ancient times we never ignored mutual cooperation as is witnessed today. Does not all this taint us? In order to ward off all this today’s divine inspiration is egging us on to push our personality, family, world society in that direction of becoming civilized and cultured wherein we was off the taints via atoning for them and thus becoming sanctified. Let us face the world as civilized gentlemanly people by washing off past taints and commence living a sacred, radiant and taintless life.

The 10th Avatar has already manifested and it is getting stronger day by day. In mythology it is called ‘Taintless’ because it is about to wash off past taints spanning several generations. As a result such a sentimental flow is being ushered in which will force world humanity to give up selfish interests like earning/feeding only one’s family etc and instead joyously work for world well being. They will not prevaricate even if it means more austerities and renunciation. This tangible flow of Taintless Incarnation’s inspirational flow can be experienced everywhere by us all.

Whose name will be conjoined to this Taintless Incarnation? All this has no importance. This decision will be given by history in 3 decades. Today there is no need nor is it important to find and identify it. Like clouds of rain in the sky we can easily see the sentimental flow of this incarnation and thus our faith in its existence will become stronger.

But during such times such people appear who put on the façade of being an ‘Avatar’ and ‘promise’ everyone of getting liberated from dire situations. Thus many innocent people fall prey to this and lose their true goal. Instead of aiding a true Avatar they talk lopsidedly and hence this great mission appears to get thwarted. These so called ‘Avatars’ selfishly look out for situations of benefit and thus put on a wily garb accordingly. Just as on attaining political rule people start wearing Khadi so as to look like Gandhiji’s followers and ultimately capsized the boat of Congress Party. Such ‘Avatars’ put on the façade of washing off taints like Mahakal and thus selfishly create obstacles in God’s mission.

History has always repeated itself. It is doing so again. By uprooting undesirable injustice and lack of discrimination and in order to reinstate good will and sacred thinking the 10th incarnation is manifesting just like the past 9 Avatars. Those with eyes can see it and intellectuals by becoming partners in God’s activities will attain that good fate wherein their glory will shine for eons to come.

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