How important is Leadership in Business?

Even though this question is quite common, its essence in the business world has never been more pragmatic. Leadership is a diverse concept with vivid interpretations. Some people use it to derive their purpose in life and some still try to find a meaning for their life through leadership. A true leadership is where your peers are not just associated with your work, they are associated with you. They relate to you on a deeper level, not just on professional grounds but emotional as well.

While some people believe in ‘keeping things professional’ between their colleagues, many people go above and beyond to help their coworkers and subordinates, just to set a good example. It has become quite a challenge, a leader’s dilemma to be exact, fostering and maintaining relationships in the workplace. But the list of issues does not end here.

In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) times coupled with the ongoing pandemic, leaders are directed towards facing a lot of challenges in their respective businesses. As the effects of pandemic are not limited to any particular industry, business leaders across different verticals are facing somewhat similar issues when it comes handling and managing their daily operations.

It is true that challenges are a part of business but coping through its pressure and getting the job done is a task, not many can follow. A sense of true leadership is required to take the ‘entrepreneur-ship’ sailing through the VUCA waves of challenges. Emphasizing on the essence of true business leadership, we are portraying ‘The 10 Powerful Leaders in Business, 2020’ in the latest edition of Insights Success.

On the cover page of this month’s issue is Ahmed R Ali, the President and Founder of Tista Science & Technology Corporation who is leading the business with a persistent attitude. Read in detail about his journey to prominence.

The cluster of names for this edition includes Akash Agarwal, Co-founder & CEO of Sahaj Software Solutions. He had been serving the IT industry for more than 2 decades proficiently. Another name in the list is ALvin Ea, Co-founder and CEO of Haulio, who is a leader spearheading a revolutionary collaborative B2B platform in the container trucking sector. Edward Van Leent is one of the pioneering leaders who is making a difference in the Data Centre Training and Audit Industry Forever. As the Chairman & CEO of the EPI Group of Companies, he is transforming the company from a data center design solutions provider to a full-fledged data center services company. Another one of the successful entrepreneurs who thinks differently and is always looking to solve problems with innovative solutions is Gary Olsen. He is the Principal of GHO Group and is considered as one of the Thought Leaders in the media and technology industry. Also, read what Chad Burmeister, the Founder & CEO of, has to say about the dynamics of leadership in an interview with Insights Success.

Few of the honorable mentions for this month’s edition are Adam Belsher, Marc Inkol, Nick Wagner, Jim Kelly, and Jason Austin.

We have a CXO from 20Four7VA talking about creating a strong brand identity. Do give it a read. To know what is going on inside a powerful business leader’s head, take a look at this month’s latest edition of Insights Success!

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