The southern part of India has always been known for its literacy rates and educational institutes. Be it school education or higher education, the southern states have always disseminated quality education with various initiatives from the government, public-private partnerships, and collaborations with industries.
The state of higher education in South India has always been scaling new heights. Educational schemes and scholarships have helped students of all strata to take the benefit of education. South India is known to spend the most on higher education as compared to the other states of the country.
South India has excelled in all spheres of education and if the experts are to be believed, the education models or practices can be replicated across the country to equip students with all the requisite skills to help them scale heights in their careers.
In the Fifth Higher Education Conference in Chennai last year, experts discussed the potential of South India to be the hub of higher education.
Long before the pre-independence period, South India had tied the nuptial bond with education, and it is only getting stronger by the day.
The ever-growing love for education, the thirst to acquire knowledge and the eagerness to satiate this thirst, the consistent approach to bettering the education system and quality prompted us at The Knowledge Review to feature a few of the many institutes in the southern states in our latest edition, The 10 Most Promising Institutions in South India, 2020.
On the cover, we have ICCS College of Engineering and Management that is empowering the students with technology and social skills, imparting high quality academic and professional training. We have also featured Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences that has been exhibiting educational excellence for more than three decades, Loyola Institute of Business Administration that are producing future global citizens with competency, competitiveness, ethics, social responsibility, and much more, National Institute of Fashion Technology Chennai that is grooming the future fashion makers.
As you flip through the pages of this interesting edition, do also read the articles and CXO curated by our in-house editorial team and industry expert respectively.
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