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Leading people is the work of responsibility. Everyone expect that leaders should lead by example and has to keep his/her team motivated all the time. Well, this is not possible every time. As leaders need their team, in the same way their team needs them. With time, the leadership style has been changing and modern leadership has many dimensions than before. The one leadership style that covers all the dimensions of leadership is innovative leadership. It includes a leader who has perspective, vision, and ability to collaborate with different people and capability to change ideas into reality. Today, most of the innovative leaders are entrepreneurs who are aspiring to bring change and value their people. The following are few key characteristics of innovative leaders.

Field expertise

Innovative leaders are mostly the people who belong to tech world. As they are expertise of the field, they better understand how to communicate with and what insights they have to provide to achieve the desired outcomes.


Innovative leaders realize the importance of an idea and vision. If their any team member has come up with any unique idea that can help with any particular project, innovative leaders always hear it.

Collaborative Approach

The time has gone when whole army depends on a single person. In modern leadership, everyone’s contribution is equally required. A leadership can’t be successful without a complete team support.


Having a vision is the beginning of every innovative leader’s journey. A vision is the key to success, but it also requires a great deal of risk. Visionary leaders are more perceptive about their work and people.


Choosing a path and leading others with to achieve it require great deal of emotional stability. An innovative leader comprehends about situation’s gravity and acts accordingly by understanding all the consequences.

There can be numerous other forms of leaderships and there are many characteristics that can define a good leader as well. There is no particular way to define a leader as everyone is unique in his/her own way and that differentiates them. But innovative leadership is the requirement of the modern world, as it supports flexible work culture, more room for everyone’s view, gives confidence, and keeps everyone together while leading them to success.

Insights Success in its upcoming edition “The 10 Most Innovative Business Leaders to Follow in 2021” has enlisted such innovative leaders who are an inspiration for many and leading with a novel approach.

The cover features Omar Mohamed Said, the CEO of Flowco Malaysia. Omar Mohammed is an embodiment of value-added leadership. Humans consciously or subconsciously imitate, adapt, and inculcate the qualities of others that are close to them. Omar Mohamed is no different. His good leadership qualities stem from the leaders he served under, and it is easy to identify that the greatest influence on his leadership capabilities was that of his late father.

Delve into more such inspiring stories of innovative leaders that carry the potential to bring a difference in the business world and ultimately people’s lives.

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