­The 10 Most Brilliant Companies In 2019
Tech Enabled Business World
Technology for the business world has been a powerful catalyst for change and growth. With a potential to foster growth and improve the products and services companies offer, the power of technology is being felt throughout the business world. It is fundamentally changing value chains and operating methods reshaping the foundations of many businesses, and industries.
This technological revolution is creating historic shifts in the business footprints bringing down the walls between service providers and clients. And in the next ten years the process will accelerate rapidly changing the business dynamics.
But, technology by itself isn’t enough to drive growth and success as companies need to design processes and workflows. To boost productivity and efficiency, companies have to incorporate and leverage the technology available and strategize their business propositions.
Thus, businesses are integrating technologies into different processes to streamline tasks, boost productivity and offer a better experience to clients and customers.
Technology is benefiting the business world reshaping the organizations by making their business processes highly integrated, and more streamlined. It has improved communication, collaboration and simplified workflows with automation. Moreover, it has optimized the use of resources, and made the business more flexible.
These are few examples how technology is redefining the way businesses work and generate growth. Analyzing the trends of businesses and industries, in the nearing future businesses and industries may almost double their operating profit and margin. It is believed that most of the customer interaction won’t include a human employee. The positive change will continue to shape the way businesses work, especially when it comes to organization and relationships with customers.
Today emerging and well established companies are providing businesses with advanced solutions and assistance in unraveling the secrets of all the industries. We at Insights Success have released this special edition titled “10 Most Brilliant Companies In 2019”.
Within the edition, we have focused on exhibiting the brilliant companies and their portfolios with unique solutions. Considering the same intent, let us introduce you to these exemplary companies.
On the Cover of the magazine, we have featured the special story of AscentHR, which is powering people practice through adaptability, accountability, and accuracy by providing the right mix of technology & business expertise to achieve efficiency and long-term profitability.
We have also focused on a number of progressive companies and their core personnel who have come up with the most unique solutions; Einfolge Technologies, one of the leading global service providers in the KPO arena of India. One-stop solution provider Einfolge Technologies helps clients streamline their operations, cost reductions, and enhance business efficiencies through its expert solutions. The Purple Turtles, a well-known firm designs and manufactures decorative luminaries remarkably recognized to serve avant-garde collection and artisanal know-how.
Alongside, the brilliant company Biomall.in, has also been featured in the listing of “10 Most Brilliant Companies In 2019”.
This magazine includes a Leaders’ Quest section as well. Sunil Kumar, the President of Aglaia Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and Mrs. Shalini Gupta, Founder & Director of Zorba Books discuss the topic “Ideals of an Outstanding Company”, and “Roles of Leaders In the 21st Century”.
We have an exclusive ‘Interview with Insights Success’. Here, Neerav Jain, founder & CEO of Cityfurnish, and Ifthikar Saleem, the Founder & MD of Ahad Retail Ventures talk about their overall journey and the influences made by their firm, service offerings, winning honors, current and future perceptions.
The editor’s thoughts are also the part of this magazine where we have made an amazing article based on Tech Enabled Business World.

So flip the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of business!

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