Good food, natural surroundings, being in tune with nature and exercise are the keys to good health. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa. If a child is provided with all these from a very early age, he/she not only grasps and absorbs things quickly, but is also able to take rational decisions for the benefit of self, countrymen and the human race overall.
Very few countries offer this kind of environment and grooming to children from the day they start their schooling. Switzerland is one such country that has recognised the need to mould students under natural circumstances.
Education in Switzerland is very diverse as the government has delegated the authority of school education to its 26 member states. Education is compulsory and free for everyone in Switzerland till the age of 12 years.
Imagine children walking to and from school daily from day one of their student life! Imagine the lush greenery, the lakes, the ascents and the descends through children merrily walk to school every single day and parents are not scared to send their little ones on their own!
Children are trained by the police during the first year of school. The roads are also user-friendly with pathways and steps.
At school, teachers interact with the students directly in a friendly manner. With the need to interact with parents being eliminated, students become responsible for their actions and incorporate the necessary changes on their own. This unusual amalgamation of a carefree childhood with sense of responsibility is what makes education in this country stand apart from others.
It is compulsory for students to bring healthy snacks in tiffin boxes and ensure that kindergarten children have lunch at home.
Ranked first in the world for its education system and third in the entire human capital report after Norway and Finland, Switzerland has reasons galore to look up to for education.
With a long tradition of research in chemicals and medicine, the country has more to offer than just scenic beauty. The country has 12 universities with the first being established as early as in 1450 and that too for the faculty of medicine.
This edition, The 10 Best Schools in Switzerland for 2020, exhibits the best of the aforementioned aspects of Swiss education.
On the cover of this edition we have, Obersee Bilingual School, which endeavours for its students to approach the world with joy and enthusiasm and to see it as a place of endless opportunities. OBS believes that its students will design their own future, as well as that of the school’s, and therefore its mission is to provide them with an outstanding, innovative education and a global awareness that prepares them to master the challenges of an exciting, yet rapidly changing and unknown future.
Other prominent schools listed in this edition include, College Champittet, one of the esteemed schools of Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family of schools. College Champittet, with its highly experienced and dedicated staff offers students education based on values and a tradition of academic excellence; International School Zurich North (ISZN) which provides exceptional education to children of the international community by following the globally renowned PYP, IGCSE, and IA-Level Programs of study; Leysin American School (LAS), which ensures a globally bright future for its students, by moulding and instilling within them values that will allow them to be independent, curious, and innovative leaders; and The British School of Bern, which is recognized for offering exemplary education for Preschool through Year 6 to children of all nationalities.
The edition also includes insightful articles penned by expert educationists and our in-house editorial team.
We hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we did while curating it!

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