Education Franchising – a newfangled necessity.
With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic still spreading in ripples, the world is slowly recovering, one day at a time.From witnessing the halt of sectors like manufacturing and hospitality, to reading the news of vaccine development – the time in between has been quite close to something out of a post-apocalyptic thriller movie.

Economic slowdown, layoffs, unemployment, and underemployment were the byproducts of the lockdown resulting from the pandemic.The working population being impacted the most, was compelled to find a way to be rehired and be employable again. The solution – skill development.

Skill development or re-skilling became a strong alternative for people who lost their jobs. This led to the boom of eLearning and upskilling platforms providing such re-skilling courses, and thus giving birth to a whole new niche.

Skill development platforms and companies have always been an integral part of the education system.Companies across the world have been striving to deliver re-skilling programs that encompass the potential to transform careers.

Pertaining to this, we at Insights Success bring to you this exclusive edition titled, The 10 Best Education Franchises to Open In 2020,which places the spotlight on such companies that ensure the provision of quality education to those seeking to change the course of their lives.

The practice of franchising has always been a preferred option when it comes business expansion or brand marketing. Along with prominent fast-food restaurants, clothing brands, and retail chains, vocational education providers have leveraged franchising to spread their brand throughout the world with globalization and change in customer preferences acting as the catalyst.

However, presently the franchising industry is undergoing a prominent change around how it functions and emanates from its traditional form and this change is being spearheaded by technology.

Social media—another major medium of the digital world—which provides a huge boost to franchising, especially as it helps franchisors develop opportunities, has already revolutionized franchising’s operating model. Due to social media, in-country promotions of franchised products and services, and lead generation for franchise sales have become more efficient.

A plethora of brands have and continue to distribute franchising rights to potential franchisees with the intent of benefiting the entailing advantages. Through this edition our aim is to exhibit organizations that sternly believe in re-skilling and upskilling and its necessity in today’s workforce, and thus providing the best and comprehensive educational facilities and provisions to learners.

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