The digitized ecosystem in business has thrown the doors open for small businesses to explore the market. For a new eCommerce company, it is important to choose the right platform. Several platforms are operational in the contemporary online business set-up. The strength of your business largely depends on choosing the right eCommerce platform. Here are ten best eCommerce platforms for startups and small businesses.


Small businesses need a flexible platform that can swiftly adapt to their needs. Magento is elastic in nature and offers a good amount of flexibility to business owners. New companies generally try to add new features to the portal in course of time. Magento being an open source platform makes it easy to add features without any complication. You can add various tools to track customer-behaviour and incorporate necessary changes to improve the conversion rate. It is a sophisticated platform, suitable for first-time online retailers.


Small eCommerce companies often bank on platforms that can increase their product and inventory offering dramatically. Being a cloud-oriented service, CommerceHub is ideal for small businesses and startups. You can count upon CommerceHub as a fulfilment and merchandising platform, bridging the retailers to the suppliers. As a new company, it is difficult to establish a good relation with the suppliers. For a company without any brand recognition, CommerceHub is one of the best platforms to start with. In fact, small companies can play the role of a middleman, supplying the goods to their customers from the wholesalers.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms for small businesses, as it operates within a single CMS. From the financial angle, it is ideal for a startup. When you use Drupal as the platform for your website. You will be able to customize your workflow. New companies do not have the expertise in handling the backend operations. For these companies, Drupal turns out to be the ideal platform. Flexibility is another benchmark of this platform, as it has been designed to offer scalable services.


Small businesses looking to set up an online store will find Shopify extremely beneficial. It is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms, with more than 1,00,000 stores using it for online business. The key features of this platform are that it allows the businesses to upload an unlimited number of items and control the inventory and variations of products easily. The users need not have to pay any fees for transaction as it has a discount code engine. The app store of Shopify has more than 1,000 apps, both paid and free to further customize the features.

Big Commerce

Bigcommerce is a leading platform for eCommerce companies, known for its SEO-friendly strategies that drive more traffic to the website. Small companies find it easy to explore the market using this platform. Customers find it easy to find the products as the URLs and pages are well-formulated. The platform is also known for the impressive visual experience it offers to the users. The dashboard is easy to manage, so the admins can control the store in a better way.

Open Cart

Open Cart is popular as an eCommerce platform due to the vast range of features it offers. The platform features forums, articles and documentations to ease up the functioning of the small companies. Moreover, incorporating changes in the website is simple on Open Cart. You will come across thousands of modules and extensions when you use Open Cart as the platform. Companies can also incorporate the texts in multiple languages on this platform.

Presta Shop

Presta Shop is easy to set-up, maintain and less complex in nature. Small businesses can quickly upgrade the version, as required without any hassle. A Presta Shop store requires lesser server resources than sites operating on other platforms. Multilingual websites can operate seamlessly on this platform. Apart from these, the cost of developing a site on Presta Shop is much lesser, which helps the small businesses to enjoy affordable services. Debugging is also easier, and the interface at the back bears an appealing look.


Small businesses often use Woocommerce as their eCommerce platform. It is enriched with a number of useful features, like a central dashboard that keeps the operators informed about the activities in the store. You can also select the desired theme from a large number of available options in ‘Woothemes’. The platform delivers a professional look to your website. It is easy to operate your site on Woocommerce and small businesses will find it easy to incorporate the necessary features on this platform. Woocommerce makes analytics easy for the business.

Symphony Commerce

Although Symphony Commerce is a SaaS platform, it provides services like a commerce-as-a-services operator. Today, a large number of eCommerce companies do not have their own IT team. Symphony is the ideal platform for these companies. They outsource the technical aspects to Symphony, while focussing on the core aspects. This infrastructure works out well for a new company. For this reason, Symphony ranks first among the eCommerce platforms suitable for small businesses. The pricing is scalable on this platform, which further makes it ideal for small companies.


Squarespace is one of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses, as it is affordable and loaded with features. Companies can choose beautiful templates from Squarespace and upload a limitless number of items on your portal. The platform provides the user with full control over their inventory. Small businesses are able to offer multiple variants of the same product on this platform. Squarespace also brings you good SEO capabilities and a great look to the portal. The CRM management is also simplified in this platform.

When you choose a platform for your company, make sure that it supports an effective content marketing strategy. It should be compatible with all the features you require. The right choice of eCommerce platform helps to go ahead with your business seamlessly.

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