If there was only one trait I would attribute to 100% of the successful people I've met and associate with, it would be their ability to take responsibility for their actions and even for the actions of others.

Responsibility is the #1 trait of the successful. One who takes responsibility takes control of his/her life.

Blame is the act of giving control to others and/or circumstances and then complaining that one's control has been lost.

The one leaps forward while the other holds back.

Taking responsibility doesn't mean blaming yourself. It means taking constructive action with whatever circumstances are placed before you. You could easily replace the word responsibility with the word Power.

There are 3 things you can blame for every situation you find yourself in:
- Yourself
- Others
- The World In General

No matter which one of these you blame, the result is the same - it will hold you back from taking constructive action, it will canker your soul, and it will leave you feeling worthless and powerless.

Taking responsibility is having the knowledge and capability to understand that even though not everything is in your control, there is a solution for most issues you face. You have the resources somewhere that can help you solve your problem.

* You must also have the wisdom to know when you need simply to leave it alone. *

When you live your life with the attitude that you have the power to alter your circumstances and that resources are abundantly available, you take full control of your life and where you are headed. You have the opportunity to experience life in its fullest!

Take 100% responsibility this year in 2013 and start taking the steps necessary to accomplish your life's biggest goal.

Remember that your big goal is made up of a number of little tasks that build upon another. As you simply focus on your next task, you will soon realize that you've reached your destination and have conquered all of the obstacles that once held you back.

Author's Bio: 

Luc is the Founder of MindShift Strategic Coaching and a certified self-esteem elevation coach. He's also the author of the life-altering eBook Your Greatest You! Your Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming Your Greatest Self.

He's a husband and the father of two beautiful children. He's been helping people break through their limiting beliefs for over a decade. It's been his passion most of his life.

After years of studying people and how the mind works, along with his own personal struggles, he's been able to conquer obstacles and challenges that many would see as impossible.

Growing up, he's had to deal with alcoholic parents, a mother who has suffered from severe depression, an abusive father, personal drug and alcohol addictions, gang related challenges, 3 attempted suicides, and many of the other day-to-day struggles that had him feeling paralyzed.

After all of this and regardless of it, he's been able to completely transform himself and now shares what he's learned with the world by coaching people on how to overcome their own limiting beliefs and help them to finally achieve their own breakthrough for success in life.

He's developed a systematic way of moving people past their limiting beliefs (what's holding us back) and creating new empowering beliefs that will bring an individual to new heights in their lives.