Over the past couple months, I’ve written a series of essays that have deeply challenged your beliefs and attitudes around the subject of money.

The purpose of having done so is to show you the truth of what it really takes to become financially successful and to show you – no, prove to you that everything you’ve been told about money is likely to be a lie.

Failing to recognize these truths could cost you the one thing that everyone wants to achieve yet few actually ever make a reality – financial freedom.

In order for me to accomplish this goal however, I have had to tell it to you like it is and not sugar coat anything. Therefore, I’m not going to indulge your fantasies about “instant riches” or stroke the “lottery winner mentality” that is so prevalent amongst most people.

The truth is that becoming wealthy is hard… but not impossible.

In fact, I’m going to show you just how possible it is for you to become wealthy if you’re willing to become teachable and you’re willing to accept change in your life.

Becoming wealthy is a systematic process that is based on sound fundamental principles that if properly applied, can help you achieve all your goals and aspirations.

Before I start again getting into the “how-to” and “step-by-step” minutia however, we need to take a step back and methodically create a foundation on which everything else I teach you can rest upon.

Trying to rush the process by immediately focusing on specific “techniques” or “methods” is akin to trying to construct a skyscraper without any blueprint. You might make a little bit of progress but eventually the whole thing will just topple over.

So what’s the first step to embarking onto the path of becoming wealthy and financially independent? The answer may surprise you…perhaps even shock you…

It has nothing to do with any specific investing strategy, money management technique, or any type of “get rich quick scheme”.

No, the most important secret of wealth creation is to recognize and accept that you alone are solely and completely 100% responsible for your personal financial situation.

Before you react defensively, read that sentence again…

I didn’t say you are the cause of your situation. I said you are responsible for it.

By taking responsibility for you current condition, you also assume responsibility for your future. Nobody can change your fortune but you. And nobody else will.

The sooner you accept that reality, the sooner you will shed the anger and blame and begin to feel financially powerful. Without it, you cannot move forward, even by a single inch.

Know this, embody this, and trust in the process that we’re going to layout for you. Believe me, you’re in good hands now and nothing would make me more satisfied than seeing our community begin having financial success in the capacity of which I know they are capable – yet fail to recognize.

I know that coming to terms with realizations like this can be difficult so I’d appreciate if you would leave me a comment in the box below to share your thoughts with me after having heard this powerful idea. I’ll be answering questions and reviewing comments personally.

Talk soon!

To your abundance,
Michael Stead
Founder, The Abundance Society

Author's Bio: 

Michael Stead is the mastermind behind The Abundance Society – an online membership community that gathers world leading experts and thought leaders to bring the financial education and wealth creation secrets of the top 1% to the struggling middle class of the world.

After personally witnessing the destruction the financial crisis of 2008/2009 had on people's lives, Michael has made it his personal mission to uncover and share how the wealthy are investing & growing their wealth right now so he can teach others their secrets.

The Abundance Society differentiates itself from other financial websites by taking a holistic approach to creating wealth and abundance by showing its members how to design their ideal vision of a sensational life, how to overcome their internal barriers to abundance, and how to take control of their financial destiny.