Side-Effects Of The 1 Rule
• Harmony With Kids
• Positive Respect Mindset
• Respectful Kids
• Confident Kids
• Harmonious Kids
• Personal Clarity
• Ability To Shift Your Thinking
• Being A Good Model
• Raising Trustworthy Kids
• Ending Conflict
• Self-Respect
What Is The 1 Rule?
This process started at the beginning of the year when I created Harmonizing With Kids.
About three months ago I discovered what I’m sharing with you today: “108 Parenting Lessons in 1 Simple Rule”…
The 1 Rule: To raise happy kids, and to be happy yourself, make sure that all involved agree with each decision.
I know it sounds too simple. It is simple. But the wisdom and practical power of the 108 lessons is built into that simple rule. Follow the rule, and as you need one of the 108 tools, skills or strategies, it appears.
How that works: Following The 1 Rule keeps you on track. The fact that there is a direct connection between each lesson and The 1 Rule makes the lesson you need appear automatically.
Try it. You'll see how great it works!
I finally created the simple doorway to all my work...and it turns out to be the path I walked.
Why And How The 1 Rule Works
Apparently our brain is hardwired to answer questions. When we are asked a question, or when we ask ourselves a question, our brain immediately begins searching for an answer. The 1 Rule is like asking our brain a question, so it immediately begins searching for an answer. We ask how we can find agreement and what’s really important to you. That’s how there is a direct connection to the 108 tools, skills and strategies that help solve the problem. There may be more or different solutions, but the 108 is what came up in my life.
I Asked Myself
To come up with The 1 Rule, I asked myself a question: “What is the least that I need to share with people about what I’ve learned about raising happy kids so they can most quickly and easily raise their own happy kids?” Or something like that. Simple.
Self-Determined Kids
Another important element in why The 1 Rule works is what is commonly referred to as, “I want my children to live their own lives.” I wanted my children be happy, to feel good, but I also wanted them to be self-determined, to figure out for themselves what they wanted, how they wanted things to be.
Your Foundation Is The Heart-To-Heart Bridge
When you use The 1 Rule, you create a heart-to-heart bridge between you and your child. That way you both feel loved at all times. You are loved, but you also FEEL loved. You don’t have to wait until there is some disaster or loss to recognize the love that is there, you and your child get to feel it at all times! Imagine the blissful power of this…
The 1 Rule: Agreement

Author's Bio: 

“The Miracle Worker...of Education and Parenting”: This name was given to me many years ago because I have mastered Positive Respect, and my results with kids can seem miraculous.

After completing my B.A. in Anthropology, I went to India and ended up enrolling in the Indian Montessori Training Course, where I was trained and certified in the Montessori Method by Mr. A.M. Joosten, who had lived and studied in Dr. Maria Montessori’s household from the age of 14. He asked me to stay on the year after the Training as an Assistant to the Course.
In 1973 my husband and I returned to the United States and founded a Montessori school called Children’s House. We decided to incorporate and Beginnings Incorporated, a nonprofit community service organization, was formed. Then I got State of California funding for Children’s House.
I had three children and remained as head teacher at Children’s House for 15 years. When I was invited to start Community Educational Centers in India, I realized that I needed to share what I had learned about being respectful to kids with my community.
In 1992 I wrote what turned into my first book: Friendly Families. The fourth version, an ebook, Good Parents Good Kids came out in 2016.
Here’s what some people have had to say about this book:
“An easy-to-understand book that gives a bundle of ideas and communication skills for building families that function peacefully and foster the kind of kids every parent wants.”
Dr. Thomas Gordon, Author, P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training
“My children are so nice now!” A mother of four, approached me at the Summer Arts Fair. She wanted to thank me for writing Parenting for the New Millennium. She had purchased it the year before, at the previous Summer Arts Fair. Then she implemented what she had learned in this book. She and her children were delighted with the results.
Besides writing, I give workshops, classes, spoke on the radio and wrote for a local magazine and newspaper. I created a website, , which includes a member site with all my writings, audios, videos, and trainings.