1. Say it with a postcard
What you could do is to choose a lovely couple picture from the wedding album, and emboss a thank you note on it. Wrap it up and give the same to the recipients in person. The picture postcard could have the date of the wedding, the couple on it and some cool graphics that make it a mushy and an emotional affair.

2. Wall hangings
A plate in neutral tones made from pottery or ceramic, with pretty cute hand drawn designs or romantic notes on it can be a good thank you gifting option. This would be best to give the office colleagues that have done so much for you and have helped made this wedding a success..

3. Wines
Don’t forget the hard work put in by your guy friends. All the physical work and running to and fro.working their way up ensuring every single detail and logistic at the wedding was nothing short of being a perfect one. From the lights to the decor, to running around and managing transport and more, they did it all for you.

4. Aromatic candles for the lovely grandparents
Without the blessings of our elders, a marriage isn’t a successful one. This is why, our grandparents do their best to be present at the wedding and to provide as much as help as they can. They have been around to help with advise and pitched in to make the wedding a success too.

5. Gift out favour tags to the little ones
Don’t forget that the little ones too have had a big role to play at your wedding. Their innocent smiles, their laughter and the sheer joy they bring was enough to spruce up the ambience around. Moreover. So thanking them for their time is a must as well, because everyone needs to feel special! You could present them with favour tags!

6. Pendants for the bridesmaids
Another way to thank your bridesmaids, would be to present them with cute pendants, maybe normal silver pendants or customized pendants with the names of the bridesmaids on it.This could be made from metal and embossed with their names personally. You could also have glass or crystal pendants on silver chains as well. The choices are limitless, and it speaks of a gratitudinal act too.

7. A special tag for dad
Dad has always been the first man, the first-ever you interacted with in all your life. Your first best friend, every girl wants a husband like her dad. He has managed your life, your emotions and your career too, with all the ups and downs involved. Today as you walked down the mandap, dad made it special by handing you over to the groom. He has worked so hard to make you who you are, and into a lovely person - a special tag is the best way to appreciate his love.

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Chains do not hold marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.