Thank Your Negative Thoughts

Absolutely! Thank them. They may have served a purpose in the past, but we no longer need to keep them. We can use them instead as keys to unlocking and releasing our limiting beliefs.

Now is the time to move forward with new and powerful positive beliefs. Remember: beliefs are not true or false, they are only beliefs. And the word ‘lie’ in the middle of ‘beliefs’ shows us that at least some of what we believe may not be true at all.

90% of what we think, say and do is determined by our subconscious beliefs which are inner dialogues that go on below the surface of our awareness. Studies now show that 80% of our beliefs as adults were formed before the age of 8 and that 75% of those beliefs are negative. So, here we are as adults operating on beliefs that don't work, that no longer serve us, or that weren't ours to begin with. Many of them are conclusions about ourselves made by us as children. Because of events that happened to us when we didn’t have the maturity to correctly evaluate them, we accepted them as truths about ourselves.

These old beliefs are called “limiting” beliefs because they stop us from moving forward. They reside in our subconscious mind whose purpose is to help us to survive. These beliefs will stop us from changing or taking risks because our subconscious wants to protect us from vulnerability or failure.

We may consciously try to change our negative thoughts to positive ones with affirmations and over time they can work for us but often they will not. When they don’t work, it is because our subconscious steps in to do its’ job of keeping us safe. It will sabotage our efforts for change in order to keep us in our comfort zone. Since our subconscious is far stronger than our conscious mind, what we are really affirming are our negative beliefs and therefore we attract more of the negative. Therefore, what shows up in our life is a result of our beliefs, whether positive or negative.

As we try to become more positive, our subconscious mind will go to great lengths to keep the status quo. Our negative self talk will surface with thoughts such as, “I don’t deserve that” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I don’t know how”. Thank these negative thoughts. They make us aware of the limiting beliefs which are holding us back. Use this information to take positive action to eliminate them. The fastest way I know of to eliminate our old negative programming is to use “Tapping”, an energy psychology therapy.

By using this technique we can release our negative self-talk on an energetic level, thereby increasing our self-esteem and self-confidence. Tapping has dramatically improved my life on several levels by clearing out many blocks including those to abundance.

When we eliminate our negative thoughts and reprogram our conscious mind with the positive, we are on our way to creating the kind of life we deserve. It’s easy to achieve when we have the tools at our fingertips.

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Frances Soda BA EFT-ADV is an EFT Practitioner. She offers telephone sessions,support groups,EFT training and free Teleclasses. For information about “Tapping” a self-help energy therapy,

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