Planning weddings can be long, winding and difficult. This is because of the many processes involved. One part of wedding plans that is considered simple but that usually causes a lot of nervousness is thank you wedding speeches. Both the bride and the groom are expected to give votes of thanks for the wedding.

You cannot give such speeches unless you know what to say and to whom you want to say it to. Furthermore, you need to plan way ahead of time. This will give you ample time to memorize the lines of the speech, if you need to or ensure familiarity with all its contents.

In fact, it may not be prudent to read the wedding thank you speeches. If you can memorize the entire contents and speak as though it is from your heart, it will appear more personalized and meaningful to those it is intended for.

Who Should You Thank In Your Wedding?

Each speaker that stands to address those at the wedding usually have some thank you speeches for wedding to give. In this manner, it becomes difficult to know exactly who to thank and what the contents of such speech should be. In other words, it becomes quite difficult to prepare a list of those to include in your speech and those to leave out. Here are a few guidelines:

§ You need to thank the organizers of the venue for the wedding. This could be a church, a wedding garden or a hotel among others.

§ Your responsibility as bridegroom is to thank the father of the bride. Your speech must include thanking him for his daughter, his kindness, for proposing a toast and for the wedding feast, if applicable. You will also need to thank the guests in attendance as well as important individuals in the ceremony including your best man. Most importantly, you must thank the bride, your new wife, for accepting to marry you.

§ The best man occupies a very important place in any wedding and so time must be set for him to give his vote of thanks. As the wedding organizer, you need to thank your hosts. You also need to thank the groom for giving you the opportunity to be his best man or a trusted mate and believing in you.

What Makes Good Wedding Thank You?

Weddings are happy moments and they must be kept at that. Long, boring speeches are never entertained in weddings and can actually dampen the spirit of guests. In addition, it must depict a positive tone and sound more personalized, one that is spoken from the heart.

It is always good to put some emotions to the speech so that your audience or listeners can connect with you. As already been mentioned, you can rehearse and memorize the entire contents of the speech and be as comfortable as possible. The first lines of the thank you wedding speech should have some acute joke to catch the attention of your audience. This will make them want to listen to you. The entire speech also needs to be filled with humor.

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