Stretch me! Open me! Move me! If you listen well, your body is constantly communicating with you in a language that we often ignore. When we are tired, or after hard work, it is common to get up, stretch, and take a deep breath to relax. This exercise helps to rejuvenate the body by letting the joints breathe, relaxing the body and mind, and allowing us to go on with life.

What many people do not know is that when the body is in motion, it is in a natural relaxed state. Unlike conventional massage, Thai Yoga Massage keeps the recipient’s body in motion during much of the massage. From here we can move naturally towards relaxing the recipient, releasing tension, revitalizing muscles and internal system. When the body cries out for stretching, movement and opening, Thai massage answers.

Another great, known stress reliever is deep, calm breathing. Consciousness of breath is an essential part of Thai Yoga Massage, and during a session the recipient’s breath is often guided by the practitioner. When certain postures are performed on a recipient, it is literally impossible not to breathe deeply! This deep breathing, combined with the movement and stretching that Thai massage encompasses makes it an unbeatable stress buster!

In my own personal experience following a major surgery, my doctor advised me to be in motion and I followed his advice diligently. My first action of sitting up in bed seemed as challenging as lifting a truck. Taking one step was like walking a mile. One can easily give up in the face of obstacles such as these. However, with strong determination, within a few days I was walking regularly. My recovery was close to miraculous. While I was in the hospital, I used to watch my neighbors in the next room. Some of them were not as determined and by the time I left the hospital, they were still in bed. I am sure some of them have since passed on. I must confess, when I was lying in bed, some of my students visited and gave me Thai massage. They helped me to move my body, which greatly aided in my recovery.

Aside from this movement, stretching and massage, what was given to me by my students and friends was something even more supportive; the spirit of metta (loving kindness). Thai Yoga Massage not only helped my physical recovery, but receiving all that positive energy from my students and friends helped me deal with the stress of undergoing such serious surgery and helped me to move on with my life. I am even more grateful, and I believe in Thai massage because it embraces the power of positive spirituality.

Thai Yoga Massage is historically linked to Buddhism. For many centuries, the Thai massage healing centers have been based in the Buddhist Temple environment. Central to the teaching of Buddha is the alleviation of all suffering, including physical ailments. The spirit of metta is connected to this Buddhist philosophy; the practice of Thai Yoga Massage is the physical application of the spirit of loving kindness. Each massage is performed with the genuine power of love. This positive and compassionate energy that the practitioner gives to the recipient during a massage is a wonderful stress reliever, and makes Thai massage unique.

Today, in Thailand, Thai yoga massage is not only a recreational massage, but a healing art that targets the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. Millions of Thais visit Thai yoga massage practitioners for this holistic healing.

The Lotus Palm School, established in 1995 and based in the heart of Montreal's Mile-End district, is the foremost Thai massage school in the world. The lotus flower is a symbol of loving kindness in the east, and palming is a massage technique used in Thai Massage. Thus, Lotus Palm means the art of compassionate touch. We invite you to visit our website for more information on this potent, stress-relieving form of massage.

Author's Bio: 

In 2002, Shai Plonski joined Lotus Palm School and is now the senior Thai Yoga Massage teacher of Lotus Palm, working and training intensively under the founder, Kam Thye Chow. Shai has taught internationally at various reputed centers such as the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York, Jai Yoga Center in Korea and the Ritz Carlton Spa in Puerto Rico. He is also an accomplished yoga teacher and has been involved in the healing arts since 1997.