Not many are aware, but it’s actually true that Thai cuisines (most of them) are virtual treasure troves of health benefits. Several Thai dishes are actually under scientific scrutiny for the supposed health benefits offered by them. At the very basis of such claims are of course the ingredients that are primarily used in Thai dishes, for instance, coriander, turmeric, lemongrass, galangal and fresh chilies – all of which are known to bolster immune power.


 Thai Food: The Impeccable Blend of Health and Taste!

The perfect combination of health and taste is, of course, the reason why Thai food has garnered such unprecedented popularity throughout the world. Needless to say, whoever is looking forward to exploring these benefits should ideally head to a reputed Thai food restaurant in Mornington – one which has years of experience of serving foodies only with quality food. In order to experience the health benefits of Thai food, one should take the trouble to select a restaurant which serves authentic Thai (and not just any restaurant serving anything in the name of Thai dish whatsoever). The health benefits of Thai food, however, have been stated below!


 Coriander for Its Nutritional Value!

Now one of the leading ingredients of Thai food is coriander. In Thai cuisines, coriander is used both as seeds and herb. Those who aren’t really aware must acquaint themselves with the fact that fresh coriander actually has immense nutritional value. The coriander seed also has been used since ancient times in countries like Greece, China, UK and Rome for its healing properties.


Ginger: An Answer to Too Many Health Woes!

Ginger-- another important inclusion in Thai food has also proven efficacious when it actually comes to combating a wide array of health discrepancies. Ginger particularly is known for the host of gastrointestinal properties. A few health complaints that can be taken care of are:

  • Motion sickness
  • Upset stomach
  • Chemo treatment or pregnancy-related nausea

Several studies conducted from time to time have proven that ginger is capable of fighting several symptoms of motion sickness and improving intestinal gas related problems as well.


Turmeric: an anti-inflammatory ingredients

Turmeric actually contains a very useful component called curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Here are a few important health benefits offered by the same:

  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Facilitates digestive health
  • Fights skin and breast cancer
  • Aids those with arthritis


What about Coconut Milk?

 Anyone purchasing Thai Take Away Food In Mornington should be aware of the fact that even coconut milk is recommended for its wide array of health benefits instead of the fact that it has garnered quite a bad rap in recent times. They say it contains fat but what should be noted is the fact that it contains good fat. Other significant benefits include boosted immunity, metabolic function modulation and the addition of valuable fatty acids.



Lemongrass is useful to combat fungal conditions, fever, flu, abdominal pain, headache and cold. Tom Yum, for example, is widely recommended for cold and flu!

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