As a resident of Texas living in the golden age of technology, you can comfortably order your birth certificate right from your couch on our online platform. Modern lifestyles demand a certain standard of convenience to improve the quality of services previously offered by government institutions requiring you to queue for long hours. Our Texas Birth Certificates online service is privately owned and works efficiently to avail your essential records in preparation for your birth certificate application in the state of Texas.

The procedure is simplified and less time involving which means in a time span of five minutes you can fill up an application form. Our professional team will go through your application and provide an accurate copy with all your vital documents attached. Once you have mailed your application to Texas vital records office your birth certificate will be delivered at your doorstep in good time.

In the state of Texas, a birth certificate is a must-have legal document when applying for a passport, a driver’s license, social security card and multiple benefits from government and private institutions. In the unfortunate event of losing a birth certificate the procedure for replacing it is usually hectic. Our online platform systematically guides you with concise instructions to fill out in a birth certificate replacement form. Our timely services are very reliable in Texas and have helped multiple people get authorized birth certificates without subjecting themselves to unnecessary stress.

According to government regulations, your certified copy of birth certificate can only be obtained in your state of birth. State's records office or the county recorders will provide your birth certificate from their different areas of operation such as El Paso, Tarrant, Hidalgo, Collin, Travis, Bexar, Houston city, Hidalgo, Dallas, Amarillo, Fort Bend, Harris, Plano, Irving, Arlington, Denton, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Laredo and Garland counties.

Only individuals whose names are in the state records are eligible to apply for a birth certificate in Texas. Our strategic online services comprehend the importance attached to your personal documents hence walk the extra mile to secure our platform with airtight encryption to offer maximum security to your data. Every form filled gets top priority in the review process making sure your application is in congruence with all the requirements ensuring no data is left out which would lead to the nullification of your application. This has proven to be helpful saving our valued clientele from delays.

For verification purposes, you will be prompted to provide a photocopy of any recognized ID and in special cases a sworn notarized statement. It’s all about convenience hence all the necessities are provided for you in the application form. With the successful completion of your application package, the next step is to have it mailed to Texas vital records office in their address below.

Texas Vital Records

Department of State Health Services

P.O. Box 12040

Austin, TX 78711-2040

Your application is liable to a birth certificate state processing fee of $22 and in a period of four to eight weeks depending on the period at which you have applied, a certified copy will be delivered to your specific location.

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