I grew up with severe asthma and allergies and so underwent traditional allopathic skin testing several times. Since I had remembered past lives since early childhood, especially the deaths and tortures, I figured I was being tortured once again, lying there as they took a sharp object, scratched my skin and put possible allergens on the wounds. These allergy tests may be effective but they were very painful and the reactions uncomfortable. Imagine my delight when I learned another way, a painless method that is free, portable and one you can do in the comfort of your own home!

In 1999 and 2000, I studied Functional Nutrition with the Nutritional Therapy Association. One of the techniques I learned in my training was the Coca pulse test. Over 40 years ago, a renowned physician, Dr. Arthur F. Coca, developed this test for allergy elimination. It is called a neuro-lingual test, which means using a connection between the mouth and the brain. This method is a simple yet extremely effective and inexpensive way to identify foods or substances to which a person may be allergic, sensitive or intolerant. It certainly is less painful and FREE!!!!

You can use this test in various ways. Of course you would want to stay away from testing a food or substance that you know for sure is a strong allergy, as you want to avoid a severe reaction. If you are taking a beta-blocker medication that affects your heart rate, this test won’t be effective for you either.

Here is the basic procedure:

Take your resting pulse for a FULL minute; do not take shortcuts.

Put the food you want to test in your mouth (on your tongue). Don’t swallow it. You need to taste it for approximately one minute. This taste sends a signal to your brain, which will send a signal through your sympathetic nervous system to the rest of your body. Test only one food at a time. Testing an individual ingredient is more valuable that something that contains multiple ingredients; for example, testing a carrot vs. testing carrot cake.

While the food is still in your mouth, retake your pulse for a full minute. A change of 4 or more beats more per minute is considered a sensitive reaction. The greater the degree of sensitivity, the higher the change your pulse rate will be. Write this test result down on a simple chart you can make for yourself.

Discard the tested ingredient without swallowing it. Rinse your mouth out with purified water and spit it out. Wait at least two minutes, and then you can retest your pulse to see if it has returned to its baseline. If it hasn’t, wait another two minutes and retest. Continue to wait until your pulse has returned to normal. Once your pulse has returned to normal, you can test another ingredient/food.

To test sensitivity to fumes (tobacco smoke, cleaners, scents, etc.), establish a normal pulse, smell the possible offending fume, then take your pulse after 3 min., 6 min., 9 min., 12 min., and 15 min., maintaining the exposure the entire time. If the pulse does not rise above the normal pulse by 4 or more beats, then you are not sensitive to this substance. This doesn’t mean that the substance isn’t toxic in other ways; it is just testing your sensitivity to it.

You can also test entire meals, but that requires more times of testing during the day, then retesting things individually if you do react to something. You can find out more about this method of testing by searching for the “Coca pulse test” on the web.

My personal belief is that ultimately, you can eliminate allergies via the therapies NAET, NLP, Hypnotherapy, One Commands, EFT and other mind/body therapies, but it can be useful to stay away from substances that you are sensitive to, for a time, while your body/mind heals and strengthens. I do believe that we should be able to eat all foods, as long as we are eating in a nourishing and healthy manner.

Author's Bio: 

Katelon Jeffereys has been an intrepid and passionate explorer on the path of spirituality since early childhood. Undaunted by growing up aware of a world that many denied, she has pursued her prayer for a world of peace, harmony, love and light for all. She has been a wellness therapist, coach and teacher for over 31 years, trained in 15 mind/body/spiritual therapies that enhance her innate wisdom and memories from other lives, and her ongoing study in energy medicine and other modalities. She has used NLP, hypnotherapy, applied kinesiology, EFT and One Commands, for the use of assisting in the allergy elimination process. Katelon has years of experience working with both adults and children, in schools, small and large businesses and in private practice. She is honored to be a midwife in their journey to living their highest manifestations. Learn more about Katelon and her work at www.empowerandbalance.com