AS A BIOLOGICAL dentist who focuses on head and neck pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, nothing is more gratifying than patients who ultimately become pain-free, and who embrace healthy habits that ensure they remain pain-free. I have found that recommending exercises as prescribed in Patricia Goroway's Facial Fitness is necessary to support this healing process. Not only do Ms. Goroway's detailed exercises and regimens promote natural healing and muscle tonus, they result in healthier skin and a tighter face, giving readers a more youthful appearance.

Whether you have sought surgical or non-surgical solutions for maintaining the appearance of your early years, this book's holistic, noninvasive approach will help rejuvenate your face and neck. Readers will find that the detailed and clear instructions easily facilitate a continued commitment to vibrant, glowing, and - most importantly - well-toned skin. I know: I have been practicing the exercises and massage techniques since I received the manuscript!

In addition to exercises, massage techniques, and a regimen to support the muscles of the face and neck, Facial Fitness provides crucial information about utilizing well-chosen, natural skin products that will achieve the best results for your skin. (All beauty products are not alike!) It will also introduce you to high standards of integrating good lifestyle choices such as drinking plenty of clean, non-chemically tainted water; consuming vitamins, minerals, and healthful food; and aerobically exercising all your muscle groups; which will promote the body's own capabilities to heal, rejuvenate, and obtain optimal health.

Now that Facial Fitness is available, I intend to recommend it to my temporomandibular dysfunction patients, who I am sure will benefit immmensely from the step-by-step explanations for the exercises and massages. During my last forty years of practicing dentistry, I have found that people with good physical and mental health radiate youthfulness and vitality. So whether you are using the exercises and massage techniques for rehabilitation, simple toning to decrease wrinkles , or to maintain surgical aterations, Facial Fitness is sure to be very useful to your physical and emotional health.
Dr. Richard H. Keller DDS, MPS


According to Gaye Cronin, OTD, OTR, the director of the Neuromuscular Facial Retraining Program at the Atlanta Ear Clinic, "Neuromuscular facial retraining programs have proven to be successful in the recovery of facial function. Facial exercises for specific, isolated movements are included in this effective program.


Movement is crucial to the health of any system, especially the human body. It clears and cleans out blocks, impurities and other toxic wastes that can stagnate and impede the flow of vital nutrients to every cell in our physical body. Body movement also maintains the flow of venous blood and lymph, the housekeeper of the immune system. Active movement (exercise) coupled with passive movement (massage) of the facial muscles can immediately improve our appearance. Here’s how. As we consciously touch, move, and exercise our facial muscles blood flow increases, stress and tension melt away and the skin tone improves. Any residual stress, tension, or fatigue held in the muscles and soft tissue of the face releases. As the facial muscles tone we look younger and consequently feel better about ourselves.

Facial exercise and massage benefit us in many different ways. They can alleviate headache and eye strain associated with stress and tension. The under eye line diminisher strengthens the orbicularis oculi muscles located below and around the eyes. This particular exercise reduces puffiness and diminishes the stress lines that can form around the delicate eye area. Couple this exercise with the eye and brow massage and fluids that may build up causing bags below the eyes, flush out through the lymphatic ducts almost immediately. Body posture can also improve each day as we exercise and strengthen the neck and tongue muscles. When the trapezius, sternocleidomastoid and platysma muscles strengthen we are able to hold our heads higher and more centered with less effort. The chin droops less and the jaw line is more defined. All of this toning and flushing and toning and flushing of facial muscles day after day refines the pores, prevents blemishes, and creates a rosy glowing countenance. As a result, the weight of the world begins to melt away and we see more clearly, hold our heads more erect and let go of unconscious facial expressions.

The bottom line about facial exercise and massage is this; whatever we put our attention on grows more in our lives. When we choose to consciously touch and move our face and neck muscles, we are choosing to change our appearance for the better. We are consciously choosing health and beauty, and that is what we perceive and receive more and more in return.
Jacquelina Davis LMT, QHP - August 6, 2008