For seniors, dementia is one of the most feared symptoms. Fortunately, there is a wide range of therapies available to keep seniors’ memories intact and dementia at bay. Here are a few useful therapies recommended by expert live-in home caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients.

Dance Therapy

One need not be a tango or salsa expert to consider dance therapy. It is one of the most effective ways to keep away dementia. Dancing helps seniors stay physically fit and active. There are various studies to support the fact that dance therapy is effective in stimulating brain cells and preventing loss of memory.

The biggest benefit of dance therapy is that allows seniors to dwell in the moment (present) rather than worry about their existing health issues and chronic pain or mourn over the youth gone by. Seniors who have accepted home caregiver assistance can benefit from dance therapy.

Physical activity facilitates the release of hormone endorphin. This hormone creates a feeling of happiness and positivity in seniors. As one enters a golden age, happiness is hard to come by- given the fact that even ordinary tasks become difficult. If your senior loved one is at a risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you should encourage them to sign up for dance therapy.

Art Therapy

Art is another fun-filled therapy to steer clear of memory loss. For elders, it offers a chance to learn, express their thoughts and expand their creative side. For Alzheimer’s patients, art therapy can awaken and enhance their responses and facilitate in preserving memory.

The key benefit of art therapy is that your senior loved one need not join a particular club or association for the purpose. Art therapy can even be done in the comfort of your home and in the presence of loved ones. If your senior tends to get nervous or confused in public settings, it is best to adopt art therapy at home.

The therapy consists of simple drawing and painting. You need not buy expensive paintbrushes. A canvas and pencils may suffice. Bear in mind the following tips if you’re a senior opting for art therapy.

#1: Rely on heavy sensory materials, such as bright colors and different textures

#2: Draw anything which you can recall from your childhood or adulthood- any memory at all

#3: If you’re having trouble recalling, let your loved ones ask questions to help you remember

#4: Stay away from any harmful and abrasive paints that may cause harm

#5: If your senior is taking art therapy, always be supportive and appreciative of them

#6: Consider any local art programs and get your senior enrolled to one, if possible

Music Therapy

Music is the most powerful way of unlocking memories long forgotten. As human beings, we tend to associate memories with songs and our seniors are no different to this. Playing songs from your senior’s childhood can help them recall several incidents and memories.

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There are numerous music therapies available. However, music therapy can only be practiced in the presence of a therapist or an expert live-in home caregiver. Make sure not to try and indulge your senior into music therapy on your own.

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Aaron Dyer is associated with Home Care Assistance of Phoenix. He is focused towards helping seniors to maintain an active lifestyle for their well-being and that is what he writes about. He is a qualified nutritionist as well.