“You are a fashion diva when you look great, feel great, and sound great.” – The Author

How sophisticated is your knowledge of the basic fashion requirements? Do you own the basic fashions? What is one of the first choices that make up a basic wardrobe? Why is quality more important than quantity? Are you a fashion diva, or a fashion dropout? Here is a chance to test your basic fashion knowledge.

The basic of basic fashions are known as those items that everyone needs. Even though your choice of color, fabric, and style is a matter of individuality, you must always consider the basics.
Not only is it important to pay attention to your basic wardrobe, your accessories can and often do make your fashion wardrobe complete and unique.

Accessories don’t always have to be expensive. Bargain department stores carry a wealth of inexpensive and attractive selections of costume jewelry, scarves, and belts. Just make sure the items you purchase are in good taste. And remember, quality over quantity is always best. Purchase items that are of good quality in both fabric and design; looks great on you, and is in a style that fits your personality. That garment will last longer and raise your self-esteem.

Now, test yourself on your basic fashion knowledge. For each of the following questions, give yourself twenty points if you know the correct answer. A perfect score equals 100 points. A passing score equals 70 points. Answers appear at the end of the Quiz. Good luck!

1. What are the colors of a basic coat?

a. Black, brown, navy, and neutrals
b. Red, gold, green and yellow
c. White

2. What are the basic fabrics of a suit or pantsuit?

a. Sheers
b. Heavy cotton, lightweight wool, or good flannel
c. Natural Silks

3. What is a basic style for daytime dresses?

a. One that is easy to dress up or dress down
b. Floor length
c. Sleeveless

4. What are the basic colors and styles of after-five dresses?

a. Basic colors are absolutely necessary and from gowns to shorts
b. Basic colors are not necessary and may include evening gowns to velvet
c. After-five dresses are in neutral, dull colors

5. What two basic accessory items are always in good taste?

a. A luxury fur coat, and a sequined handbag
b. A two-piece set of expensive luggage
c. One pair of pearl earrings, and a single strand pearl necklace

Correct Answers:

1. a
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. c

If your score is 60 points or below, your sense of fashion is not what it should be.
If your score is 80 points, congratulations. You did a good job.
If you scored 100 points, call yourself a fashion diva.

After making sure your closet consists of the basic essentials, you can round out your basic wardrobe with the following items:

One tailored or casual dress
Two blouses – one to wear with a suit, and one of a dressy fabric for evening
At least two scarves – one in a print; one in a solid color
A pantsuit
At least three complete sets of under-fashions
Suitable sleepwear – pajamas or gowns
A pair of slippers
Five to six pairs of panty hose

Now you can start planning or updating your basic wardrobe. Before buying any item, decide first on your color choices. Spread out your purchases based on your budget and needs. Allow for lots of time and keep in mind that it is more important to buy the right item for the right occasion.

Wearing the right outfit for its intended purpose reflects on your good taste. And good taste is essential when the investment for quality fashions comes out of your pocket. Wearing those items that fit your personality and figure is also important. So, learn to choose and spend wisely.

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