In recent years, terrorist attacks have become a regular occurrence in the west. But while the majority of people who live in this part of the world are going to remember what it was like before, there are going to be others who will have been brought up in an country where this was a normal part of life.

A New Beginning

What this is likely to show is that they used to live in a country that wasn’t very safe, and they would have then moved to this country to get away from it all. It might then be hard for them to come to terms with what is taking place; especially if they thought that they had put all this behind them.

One could wonder how something like this could happen in a country that is so different to the one that they used to live in. There is also the chance that they are not surprised that these kinds of attacks are now taking place.

Another Part of the World

Yet, if one lives in a country where these kinds of occurrences have always taken place, it will be a normal part of their life. This is not to say that they accept what is taking place, but it will be something that they have had to put up with.

And if they were to hear about what is taking place in the west, it might not have an effect on them. In fact, they might think about how it is still a lot safer to live in this part of world than it is to live where they are.

The Response

When a terrorist attack takes place in the west, it is likely to be covered by the mainstream media. What this shows is that this attack is not going to be overlooked; it will be given a lot of exposure.

So, if one is someone who buys a paper each day, they would soon find out about what has taken place. This would also be the case if they were to watch TV or to listen to the radio.

The People in Power

After a little while, there is a strong chance that a number of politicians will have something to say about what has taken place. This could be a time when one will believe that these people have said the right thing, or they might feel as though something is missing.

It could be as though they what they have said lacks substance, and there is the chance that they have heard them say something like this before. Consequently, one may have grown tired with the kind of things that the people at the top come out with after a terrorist attack.

Another Part

But if one doesn’t buy a paper, watch TV or listen to the radio, it doesn’t mean that they will miss out. What has taken place is likely to be all over social media; it will be hard for them to not find out about it.

The attack is likely to be ‘trending’, and there will be what their ‘friends’ and family have shared about it. As time passes, some of these people might change their profile picture to show solidarity.

The Focus

During this time, there is likely to be a focus on standing together and not giving into hate; love will be seen as the answer. Through taking this approach, it will show that the terrorists are not having an effect.

Based on this, the alternative would be for people to end up being divided and to be consumed by hate. Clearly, this is not the answer; this would just make everything even worse.


However, although the first approach is going to be better than the second, it could be said that it is not exactly empowering. When one believes that love is the answer and they are not angry about what has taken place, they are going to be acting in a very passive manner.

Apart from showing love, it will be as if there is nothing that can be done about what is taking place. And while ‘love’ is put forward as way to solve what is going on, it is highly unlikely that this will have much of an effect.


Now, this is not to say that treating people in the right way is a waste of time, but this is not always going to work. For example, as anyone who has been in an abusive relationship will know, treating people in the right way doesn’t always lead to a positive outcome.

Also, one only needs to speak to people who have spent around a psychopath to know that love is not always the answer. Displaying love is one thing, but it is another thing altogether as to whether another person will be able to accept it.

Perfectly Normal

When one has spent most of their life around people who are good natured and is only exposed people who not like this when they watch a film, for instance, it can set them up to believe that everyone has good intentions. And if there was absolutely nothing that could be done about what is taking place, there will be no reason whatsoever for one to get angry.

This is then similar to how one can end up feeling sad, but not angry, if a relative has passed on due to natural causes. On the other hand, if a doctor could have saved them but didn’t, it would be normal for them to also feel angry.

The Connection

If one came to see that these kinds of attacks don’t just happen, it will be completely rational for them to get angry. The part of them that wants to keep them alive will have kicked in.

This will show that one is not in a place of fear; as if they were, they wouldn’t be experiencing anger. And when one can experience anger without losing control, it can show that they are an integrated human being; there mind will be working with their emotions (body).


Ultimately, anger is not good or bad; it is there to keep one alive. When one disconnects from their anger, it is going to be a lot easier to control them, and it could be said that this is the only thing that the people at the top are interested in.

Undoubtedly, there are many things that need to be looked at when it comes to these terrorist attacks. When this happens, it will then be possible to do something about what is taking place.

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