When you wash your brain, you don’t do it with water. You do it with thoughts and emotions. The more powerful and “clean” the thoughts, the cleaner your brain. I believe it is necessary to clean our brains just as we do our clothes and our homes. Without a sparkling brain, but a dusty old one, we can’t react, think, or create in the best ways.

Brainwashing refers to getting the brain overloaded or so stressed that the person actually began to believe something other than what they previously thought was real. Brainwashing was used to control someone’s mind, to make them act the way the “captors” of that person’s brain wanted them to. It wasn’t moral, yet in a slightly less offensive way, we are all “brainwashed” daily because of what other people believe and tell us, what the media chooses to tell us, and what we read or tell ourselves. I think we are actually being brain “dirtied!”

I have a solution to keep your brain fresh and alive with awareness. When your brain is clean it makes better choices. Usually these are not choices based on fear. That is what a dirty brain is more likely to do. Unless a brain is “clean" it can’t clearly distinguish things from all the brain dust which is created by old and unclear “beliefs and thoughts.”

So get out the brain version of Tide® and let’s go.

1. Presoak the heavy stuff. Old thought patterns that are really engrained can probably take longer to get out. You might have to soak them in some heavy pure thoughts for awhile. You can do this through positive CDs. meditations and affirmations. Even good movies and music can clean.
2. Launder. Take out all the crap and dirt except the operating systems. You release your old feelings and emotions in healthy ways. You give an intensive session of only “pure” thoughts of the type you want.
3. Lather up - Decide what you want. Look at magazines of what you wish your life to be. Go to places you want to be part of. Dream and bubble yourself up with enthusiasm.
4. Rinse - Reprogram in the new beliefs. Pure, cleansing thoughts and emotions feel great. Enjoy them as you pour them over your mind.
5. Let go for awhile - Hang things up on the line for a bit and wait until they dry. Let God rinse you off, dry you out, and handle the heavy loads.

And for an extra fresh brain - try the thought version of a fabric softener. This will really ease the brain dust load, and make all your thoughts smell good. Add a huge dose of APPRECIATION to the last rinse. When you appreciate, everything in your mind will start to smell good.

A clean brain will feel light. It will not be carrying the burdens of the world. You cannot help anyone if they choose to stay stuck in the past. Your daily-cleaned brain will be eager to work for you, to show you new ways to think, to do great things, to find new ways to connect with people and build relationships. The clean brain likes connections. Your brain grows stronger with good connections. Clean brains build clean connections and even your relationship choices will be better.

Do a daily brain cleansing, like a daily shower for our bodies. It is a gift that only takes a few minutes to do. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Let your cleansed and fresh brain sparkle.

A clean brain is a serene brain.

Live like the hero you are!

Author's Bio: 

CEO of White Wing Entertainment, Terri Marie is an award winning author and producer who believes in the hero within. Her books include double award winner "Be the Hero of Your Own Game." She has produced PSA’s and 27 documentaries, including an award-winning program on James Roosevelt. She writes a column called, “Heroes Among Us,” which you can find at http://heroesamongus.blogspot.com. Receive a “Year of Cheer” and Spiritual Good News at www.spiritualarena.com
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